Key Benefits of Aluminum Fencing and Gates

ornamental-comFirst purified and isolated in 1825 by Danish scientist Hans Christian Oersted, aluminum has been a valued commodity for many years thanks to its combination of light weight, resistance to corrosion, ease of use and versatility. Until modern technology developed the processes we use today, aluminum was considered to be a precious metal.

Today, aluminum fencing is ideally designed to provide added security for your home at an affordable price. Depending on the design chosen, aluminum fencing can also provide an elegant backdrop to enhance the curb appeal of your property. Choosing an established Houston fence company to manage your project can ensure the most attractive and effective results. Here are six reasons to consider aluminum when planning your new fence installation.


Aluminum fence options include a wide array of designs to complement your landscaping and your home. Powder-coated aluminum fencing is available in a wide range of colors to suit your personal taste. This can allow you to create the precise look you want for your fencing project. Additionally, aluminum fencing can generally be configured to accommodate various grades and slopes to prevent ground level gaps that can reduce the effectiveness of your fencing enclosure.


Modern aluminum fencing can provide a sleek, manicured appearance for formal lawns and can be used to define a distinct perimeter for your property. Although aluminum fences do not shield your home and yard from observation in the same way that wood privacy fences can, they do complement your landscaping to provide added curb appeal for your Houston home.


Aluminum fences and gates require less maintenance than comparable iron installations thanks to the innate resistance of aluminum to corrosion and rusting. As a non-ferrous metal, aluminum can stand up to the worst of spring showers and winter weather for decades to come. Wood fences generally require staining or painting every few years to ensure their longevity and to present the most attractive appearance for your home’s perimeter. The powder coatings typically used for aluminum fences and gates are far more durable and attractive than paint that can potentially chip or peel over time.


One of the lightest construction materials, aluminum is well-suited to fencing and lends itself to easier installation by Houston fence experts. Aluminum gates are easier to open and close and reduce the weight and pressure on support structures during ordinary use. By opting for aluminum for driveway and sidewalk gates, you can enjoy increased comfort and convenience for yourself, your family and your guests upon arrival to your property.


Aluminum fencing options offer superior protection for your home and property, especially when configured to incorporate spear toppers that can deter intruders and can provide an elegant look for your installation. Aluminum gates are strong enough to stand up to blunt-force attempts at entry and can be combined with automatic driveway gate systems to offer convenience for you and your family while preventing unwanted intruders from gaining access to your home and your property.


One of the strongest selling points for aluminum fencing is its affordability. Aluminum gates and fences can offer the look of much more expensive metals at a fraction of their cost. Installation for these fences and gates can often be cheaper as well; labor costs and time needed to complete an aluminum fence project can be significantly lower than with other types of fencing. Aluminum fencing also costs less to repair, making it a solid financial investment for homeowners in Houston, The Woodlands and Cypress, Texas.

Working with an established company can provide added help for homeowners looking for the right fence in The Woodlands, TX, area. Aluminum fencing can deliver attractive and reliable protection for your pets, your family and your property at an affordable cost. With numerous color choices and flexible configurations, aluminum fencing may be the right answer for your Houston home.