Lattice Fences Can Add a Distinctive Accent for Your Property

Lattice fences are an ideal way to designate various areas of your back yard or garden area. These fencing options can be combined with your current Houston wood fence installation or used as decorative accents to showcase your property. Lattice fencing can help you to enjoy a relaxing retreat from everyday stresses. Lightweight and attractive, your lattice fences can provide a number of useful functions on your residential or commercial properties. Here are some of the basics of lattice fence installations. 

What Are Lattice Fences? 

Lattices are typically made of vinyl, wood or metal strips that are woven together with relatively large gaps between the strips. This allows air to pass through easily while providing form and structure for various areas. Lattices may be configured to create diamond or square shaped patterns depending on your personal aesthetic preferences. This can allow you to make a real statement when choosing a fence in The Woodlands, TX. By opting for lattice fencing, you can create a decorative perimeter that can enhance your home’s curb appeal to a considerable degree. 

Applications for Lattice Fences 

Lattice fences are sturdy and reasonably durable, making them an outstanding choice for homes and businesses in the Houston area. Vinyl and metal lattice fences are especially well suited for perimeter use thanks to their durability and strength. Wood lattice fence designs can create an elegant appearance for commercial and residential properties and can be stained or painted to complement your existing décor. Inside your yard, they can also be used as a support structure for climbing vines, rose bushes and other plantings and can serve as a convenient way to designate and divide various areas for the purposes of gardening or entertaining. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Lattice Fences 

Lattice fences offer some impressive benefits for Houston homeowners, including the following:

  • An elegant new look for various areas or your entire yard 
  • Improved air flow through the gaps in your fence 
  • The ability of sunlight to pass through to keep plants healthier 
  • Enhanced security for your property 
  • Discrete concealment for equipment or garbage pails
  • Lattice fencing can add an elegant look to the top of a traditional fence

These Houston wood fence options do have a few drawbacks, however. They offer somewhat less privacy than solid wood or vinyl fences without gaps. Lattices are generally less durable than traditional fencing options and may require added maintenance to ensure that they always look their best. 

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