Maintenance-Free Fencing for Homeowners

vinyl-fenceWhen you consider residential fencing, you might think about the chores that most fences require. Indeed, people must regularly clean, treat, paint, and sand many of them. However, imagine a Houston fence company supplying your home with an enclosure that will need almost no time or effort. If that idea sounds desirable, vinyl fencing might be the ideal solution for you.

Let’s first examine wooden fences. Of course, they are often beautiful. But keep in mind that Southeast Texas is frequently hot and humid and occasionally sees hurricanes and flooding. This kind of climate is really hard on a wooden fence. Its colors can fade quickly, and soon enough, it starts rotting away. Further, moisture can spur mildew to grow, and termites often turn such fences into meals.

Worse yet, painting and repairing wooden fences can be expensive. Therefore, while a vinyl fence will initially cost more than a wooden fence, vinyl should prove to be the more economical choice over time.

Another option is a metal fence. Such a product is usually pricey, though, and it will probably rust at some point. Also problematic, people can see through metal enclosures, and thus, they offer little privacy. Plus, many metal fences ― the wrought iron variety in particular ― are exceptionally heavy and unwieldy. For its part, a chain-link fence is lightweight and more affordable, but it is certainly not homey.

By contrast, when you own a vinyl fence, all you will have to do is hose it down now and then. Vinyl is nontoxic and friendly to the environment. It will not peel or crack, and you will never have to paint a vinyl fence. To the contrary, it will remain in the condition in which you bought it. If there are some troublemakers in your neighborhood, you will find that it is easy to wash graffiti off this kind of fence as well. Vinyl has some flexibility too, which means that it can bend to a degree when severe weather strikes. As a result, it is not liable to break during a storm.

Moreover, if a part of your vinyl fence ever gets damaged, you will only need to replace that section. When many other kinds of fences have broken pieces, their owners must buy entirely new fences. That is because such a fence has beams that the whole structure relies on for support.

On top of that, vinyl fences come in a wide range of heights, styles, designs, and colors. In fact, it is possible to get a vinyl picket fence, a vinyl rail fence, and a variety of other styles. With all of those selections, it is easy to find a maintenance-free fence that suits your taste and blends in well with the rest of your property.

Now, it might be the case that you have always lived in homes with wooden fences, and you simply cannot imagine any other kind. If so, be aware that you can purchase a vinyl fence that has a wood grain exterior coating. These products come in a variety of shades and textures, and it is nearly impossible to distinguish them from their wooden counterparts.

Vinyl fences have definitely come a long way. Engineers began to create them during the 1950s, but it was not until the mid-1980s that they were introduced to the general public. In recent years, they have been growing in popularity throughout the Houston area and beyond. Perhaps you have noticed this trend: Maybe your neighbor has installed a vinyl fence in The Woodlands, TX, or one of your favorite restaurants has set up a maintenance-free fence in Cypress, TX. Given the benefits listed above, you might now want one for yourself.