Maintenance-Free Vinyl Fence

Maintenance-Free Vinyl Fence

The adage is that a good fence can make a good neighbor. However, if your fence deteriorates or is unattractive, it may detract from the beauty of the neighborhood and irritate your neighbors. If you are looking for an attractive, maintenance-free fence, consider vinyl. A Houston fence company can offer several styles of vinyl fencing that work well in almost all types of terrain and complement a variety of landscaping scenarios.

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

There are several benefits to vinyl fencing. One of the most important features is vinyl’s durability. It does not warp, fade or peel, in contrast to many Houston wood fences that show weathering when they are not kept up. Vinyl fencing is easy to clean. No painting or sanding is necessary to keep it looking attractive. Simply hose it off to restore the color and texture. Because it is made of high-quality, durable plastic, it does not attract wood-boring insects or termites.

A Houston fence company offers vinyl fencing with several surface finishes. The wood-grain textured surface is made in several shades that evoke the beauty of natural wood. Some manufacturers offer textured surfaces that resemble stucco and natural stone. The shiny, smooth finish looks like traditional painted wood fences. A number of colors are available in all finishes, allowing you to match your new Houston fence to the color and texture of your home.

There are several styles of vinyl fencing. Solid fences offer privacy and security. To add a personal touch, they can be embellished with decorative details, including lattice, decorative post caps and other types of trim. Picket designs provide security but give a light, open feel to the fencing. Decorative details can also be added to picket fencing.

Installation of Vinyl Fencing and Gate Systems

When a vinyl fence is properly installed by a Houston fence company, it will last for decades. Summit Fence North uses heavy-duty, high-quality vinyl to prevent fading, sagging and cracking. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and attention to detail to ensure your fence is well-designed and properly installed. The professionals at Summit Fence set posts for strength, durability and beauty.

Our team can also install access control systems and gates suitable for single-family residences and commercial establishments. We offer a variety of styles and materials of gates and access control systems that provide security and blend with your landscaping.

Summit Fence North has experience with installing fencing to the standards for residential fences in The Woodlands. We also have installed fences in other communities in the Houston area that require work to be completed according to homeowner association standards.

To find out more about designing and installing a vinyl fence on your property, call the Houston fence experts at Summit Fence North at 281-895-9500. We give free estimates.