Metal Fences Provide Practical Options for Houston Residents

ornamental-iron2Versatile and practical, metal fencing offers significant benefits for Houston, Texas homeowners. Chain link and decorative metal fencing can stand up to rain, wind and other weather events and retain their sleek good looks. Whether you are looking for chain link fence in Cypress, TX, or ornamental wrought iron fence in The Woodlands, TX, a reputable Houston fence company can recommend and install the right solution for your home or commercial property.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is one of the most affordable and versatile types of metal fence and is available in a variety of gauges that correspond to the thickness of the framework and the mesh used in its construction. Lower-gauge products are thicker and can resist bending, cutting and breaking more readily than higher-gauge products.

  • Light-duty residential chain link framework tubes like those sold at box stores start at about 20-gauge, or .035 inch; this can usually be readily bent. Most reputable fencing companies recommend 16-gauge framework tubes and 11-gauge 2-inch mesh chain link as a minimum for residential fencing projects to ensure adequate security and protection for people and pets.
  • Medium-duty commercial and residential chain link fencing is usually 9-gauge and uses thicker, more durable pipe and framework to provide added support. In some cases, the added durability and security of 6-gauge wire may be preferred for softball, baseball and other athletic field perimeters.

Because it can be easily configured to suit various areas and purposes, chain link fence is in high demand for a variety of different uses:

  • Swimming pool fences and gates
  • Pasture enclosures
  • Dog runs and kennels
  • Warehouse security perimeters
  • Playground and park fencing
  • Chicken coops and containment solutions

Chain link fence is available in galvanized steel and vinyl color coated galvanized steel varieties. Both of these options offer outstanding durability and configurability for a wide array of residential and commercial needs. Some neighborhood associations and residential areas may limit the height and configuration of chain link fencing for front and back yards. Working with a qualified fence contractor can ensure that you remain in full compliance with these regulations when installing versatile chain link fencing solutions.

Ornamental Metal and Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fence offers an added level of elegance for home and commercial enclosures. Because most wrought iron products require extensive manual labor to create the details and precise angles associated with this type of fence, it is extremely costly and in short supply. As a result, most Houston fence companies sell and install molded iron or steel fencing rather than wrought iron fencing. By substituting ornamental metal fence products in areas where the elegance and security of wrought iron is required, you can ensure that you make the right impression for optimal curb appeal and enhanced beauty for your residential or commercial property.

  • Ornamental metal fences offer exceptional beauty and style and is generally indistinguishable from wrought iron
  • These fencing options are far less expensive than comparable wrought iron installations
  • Steel ornamental metal fences offer improved durability and reduced risk of corrosion or rust over the life of the installation
  • Property owners can choose from among a wide range of styles, ornamentation levels and paint colors
  • Both ornamental metal and wrought iron metal fences offer improved security thanks to solid bars that resist cutting and bending

Ornamental metal fencing offers unmatched durability and can add to the value of your home while protecting pets, people and property from unwanted intrusions on your private property.

Working with an established Houston fence company can ensure that your installation project complies with all local codes and provides you with solid performance for many years to come. By opting for ornamental metal or chain link fencing, you can enjoy added durability, minimal maintenance and at a price you can afford.