Myths About Aluminum Fencing for Commercial and Residential Use

ornamental-comAluminum fencing can offer added security and increased beauty for your home. Misconceptions and myths about this versatile fencing material, however, have unfairly reduced its appeal in recent years. Aluminum fences offer significant value for homeowners and reliable performance in residential and commercial areas alike. Working with a proven Houston fence company can ensure the most beautiful and durable results for your home improvement project. Here are six of the most common myths about aluminum fencing and the real facts about this modern construction material.

Myth: Aluminum fences lack the strength and durability of other fencing materials.
Fact: Because of its light weight, aluminum is often mistakenly believed to be weaker and less durable than wood, steel and other materials. Many aluminum products, however, have tensile strength comparable to that of steel and offer long-lasting performance for residential and commercial fencing applications. Powder-coated aluminum fencing materials can retain their structural integrity and good looks for many years, allowing you to enjoy the most positive return on your financial investment.

Myth: Aluminum fences are too expensive.
Fact: Chain-link fencing is less expensive than aluminum and is well suited for basic enclosures where appearance is not a major factor. However, aluminum fences are far less expensive than comparable wrought-iron installations and offer the same elegance and beauty for your Houston home or business, making this versatile material a solid investment in the appearance of your property.

Myth: Aluminum is prone to rust.
Fact: The chemical composition of aluminum prevents it from rusting. While oxidation may occur in some rare cases, aluminum fencing is immune to rust. Selecting powder-coated aluminum for your home or business installation can provide even greater protection against wind, weather and wear and tear for your new fence and can provide you with the most attractive and durable fence for your needs.

Myth: Aluminum fencing can only be used on flat and level ground.
Fact: While pre-constructed aluminum fencing products were once limited to straight lines and even terrain, newer fencing technologies have made it simple to install aluminum fencing on downhill slopes and uneven ground. Working with a company that specializes in installing fence in The Woodlands, TX, area and all over Houston can ensure the most attractive and functional results for your home or business.

Myth: Aluminum fencing looks cheap.
Fact: In most cases, ornamental aluminum fencing cannot be distinguished from comparable wrought iron fence installations. This is especially true for powder-coated aluminum that has been painted and configured to resemble wrought iron. Aluminum fencing products are available in a wide range of configurations and styles to suit nearly any home or business perfectly. This extensive array of options can help Houston property owners to create an elegant and upscale fencing solution for homes and businesses in our area.

Myth: Aluminum fence requires constant maintenance.
Fact: An annual cleaning with soap and water is usually all that is required to keep your aluminum fence looking its best. Powder-coated aluminum can stand up to Texas sun, wind and rain and can keep its good looks without repainting, making it a low-maintenance choice for your Houston home or business.

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