Opening Your Driveway Gate Using Your Cellphone

driveway-gateIt is difficult to imagine how we ever lived without smartphones. They have become an indispensable part of our lives. With every passing week, a new app or function is added to the list of tasks that a smartphone can perform. Your smartphone can track your children’s driving habits, find the perfect recipe for your romantic dinner for two, or tell you where the cheapest gas station is while you’re traveling. Now your automated security door, or gate, can be triggered remotely by your smartphone without the overpriced, high-tech company installing or maintaining the device. Your local Houston fence company can perform the service for far less than you would expect it to cost.

There is a new wireless cellphone network intercom system that enables you to control entry with a simple text message. This system has already seen success in Europe, and it will surely be very popular in the United States. It has numerous benefits and is compatible with almost any fence in The Woodlands TX area.

This is how the system works: Visitors seeking to enter your home or business send you a text message. Upon receiving this message, you send a text message to your control center to open the gate. You, or whoever is tending the gate, do not even need to be on-site, which is a valuable feature. You can open the security gate on your Houston fence for the visitor even if you are in another state. You can also set the gate so that it is latched open for a temporary period, or remains open for multiple visitors such as a business that is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. When the business day has ended, or when your event is over, you simply send a text message to the control center requesting that the gate be locked again. You can also check to determine whether the gate is open or closed. Since the system uses a cellphone network to facilitate communication with the control center and you or your designated gatekeeper, all that is really necessary once the system is installed is cellular service at the door or gate.

If a visitor drives up to the entrance and presses the call button, the gate system will try calling three numbers in order of importance. If the first call is unanswered, the system tries calling the second and the third. This setup increases the likelihood that someone who is in a position to authorize opening the gate or door can be contacted. It guarantees that important clientele or deliveries will be granted access to your home or business.

Important or frequent visitors can be pre-authorized to gain entry. You can program the system to recognize up to 100 phone numbers. When an approved number contacts the system, the gate will open. However, the caller ID has to be correct, or the system will not open the gate. This is terrific for members of your family, delivery drivers and people who work on your yard or in your house, such as landscapers, a nanny or a maid.

Another great feature is that if a burglar tries to gain access to your home through the security door or gate, you can answer the call from wherever you are. The burglar will believe that you are home.

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