Options and Requirements for Dumpster Fencing Enclosures

bg.jpgIn 2007, the city of Houston enacted new ordinances that require the use of screens and fences around all commercial dumpsters. These enclosures can enhance the appearance of company premises and can provide a number of other benefits for business owners. Enlisting the help of an established Houston fence company can ensure that these fences and screens provide the best possible protection for your dumpsters. Here are five important reasons to invest in a quality fence and screen for your business waste containers.

Your Customers Will Love You for It

Unsightly waste and debris can be a real turn-off for consumers visiting your business. By keeping these items out of sight behind a well-constructed enclosure, you can increase the eye appeal of your company and attract customers more effectively. This can lead to greater profitability and an improved market position in your chosen industry. Opting for top-quality materials from a professional Houston wood fence company can ensure the best results for your dumpster enclosure project.

It’s Required by Law

Houston Ordinance No. 2007-615 requires that all bulk trash containers be placed so that they are not directly visible from the street on the entrance side of commercial properties and businesses. While positioning these dumpsters behind the building may be allowable, constructing a screened fence can provide added protection for your trash containers while ensuring that you remain safely within the letter of the law.

You Can Keep Dumpster Divers Out of Your Trash

In 2013, dumpster diving was decriminalized by the Houston City Council. This act made it legal for individuals and groups to pick through public trash receptacles to find items they can use. In some cases, these dumpster divers can toss items out into the street, creating an unpleasant clean-up chore for your employees. By placing your dumpsters behind a fenced enclosure, you can remove any doubt that your trash receptacles are private and are not fair game for those looking for a free meal or other items.

Enclosures Keep Dumpsters in Place During Storms

With severe weather a familiar threat in the Houston area, finding ways to secure items against high winds can reduce damage to your business premises. A sturdy, well-built enclosure can offer added protection against gale-force winds and hurricanes for your trash bins and for other structures on your property. By making a relatively small investment in a solidly constructed enclosure for your trash containers, you can lessen the chance that these items will cause damage to other parts of your business during a serious storm.

Fences Can Keep Local Wildlife Away from Dumpsters

Skunks, opossums, raccoons, squirrels and stray dogs are among the most common pests in the Houston metropolitan area. Installing an enclosure fence in The Woodlands, TX, can create a barrier between your dumpsters and these unwanted visitors to your property, preventing them from accidental poisoning or other ill effects. This can also create a safer environment for your employees and can reduce the nuisance factor that these animals can create for customers and vendors visiting your commercial establishment. Installing a pest-proof enclosure and gate system for your business trash receptacles can be a solid step toward greater safety for your customers, your staff and the cute and furry animals that live in your area.

Your Houston fence company can provide you with information on your fence enclosure options. Durability should be one of the most important factors in your decision. Wood and vinyl fencing is commonly used for dumpster enclosures because of their ability to block public visibility and have an attractive appearance although chain link works well for industrial areas. By working with a professional firm to construct your dumpster fence and screen, you can ensure that your enclosure meets all applicable city codes and that it provides solid protection against pests, people and extreme weather events in the Houston area.