Paddock Fencing Basics and Benefits

Paddock Fencing Basics and Benefits

If you are looking for a classic, affordable and good-looking fence for your Houston property, a paddock-style fence fits the bill. Paddock fences bring to mind the elegant simplicity of a well-maintained rural landscape. Traditionally used on horse farms, paddock fences are made with three to five tiers of wooden boards installed horizontally on sturdy posts. They have several benefits, including lower installation costs, strength, security and visibility. A paddock fence complies with the requirements for residential fences in The Woodlands and other nearby communities. A Houston fence company can design and install high-quality wooden, iron and vinyl Houston fences for residential and commercial properties.

Advantages of Paddock Fencing

Paddock fencing is attractive. The horizontal spacing of boards allows visibility while providing security. If you have livestock, the boards are spaced to keep animals from straying off the property. Using treated posts that are strong, durable and resistant to rot is an important feature in the moist climate of the Houston area. This type of Houston fence complements a wide range of architectural styles and can increase the value of your property. It is easy to install, which reduces costs. If you have rural property, a Houston wood corral fence presents an attractive border while enhancing the view of the landscape. Several types of wood are available, including cedar, oak and pine.

A disadvantage of installing a Houston wood fence is the need for upkeep. Although we use treated wood products and woods that weather well, boards should be checked annually. If the fence is painted, boards must be sanded and painted periodically to maintain the beauty of the fence and to prevent weathering.

Vinyl Paddock Fence Options

Vinyl offers a maintenance-free option for paddock fencing. It looks like wood but is comprised of man-made materials that do not rust, splinter or warp. A number of Houston fence designs include vinyl for paddock, corral, and privacy fences, gates and access systems.

Vinyl fencing is also easy to install. The boards simply snap into the posts. Vinyl fencing comes in a number of colors. Colors do not fade or chip, so your Houston fence will look good for years. Vinyl fencing is also available in textures that resemble natural wood. In addition, this material enhances animal safety. If a horse runs into a vinyl fence, a rail may pop off, but the board will not break or splinter like wood does.

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