Performance Issues and Risks for Aluminum Fencing Made in China

Buying American-made products can help to support our economy and can provide jobs for families across the country. When choosing the right Houston fence for your property, however, selecting products made in the U.S. can have a real impact on the longevity and performance of your fence. Substandard products made in China have caused serious problems for homeowners and businesses over the past few years. These aluminum fences are not designed to meet U.S. standards and can deteriorate rapidly in the hot and humid climate of Texas.

Issues with Chinese Fence Imports

Aluminum fencing products made in China and other parts of Asia are typically much thinner than those manufactured in the United States. This can produce a number of unwanted results for the end user:

• Increased risk of corrosion and damage due to weather conditions
• Reduced longevity for fence materials
• Lower tensile strength and consequent reduced protection against intruders or impacts
• Aluminum that has been made with filler materials, further lowering its structural integrity
• The use of lead-based paints and coatings that could present health risks to children and pets

By opting for higher quality American-made fencing products for a reputable Houston fence company, homeowners and property managers can ensure the best use of their available funds and the longest life for these additions to their security plans.

Government Action in 2011 Has Not Resolved the Problem

In December 2011, the U.S. Department of Commerce ruled that fencing components shipped from China and assembled in the U.S. were subject to tariffs and duties on the same basis as completed fence products. This represented a significant victory not only for American workers but also for property owners and managers who may have been misled into buying these products. Fence components made in China are still on the market, however, and may attract consumers with lower prices and promises of equivalent quality. Working with a reputable Houston fence company is the best way to avoid issues with Chinese-made products that may not live up to expectations.

If you are planning to install a fence in The Woodlands TX, the professionals at Summit Fence North can provide you with top-quality aluminum products proudly made in the U.S.A. This can help you avoid serious issues in the future and can ensure the greatest longevity and utility for your fencing project. To learn more about the Houston fence services we offer and the products we install, give us a call at 281-895-9500. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees will be happy to provide you with the information you need to make the right choices for your new fence.