Planning Your Houston Fence for Improved Home Security

Your Houston fence can complement your landscaping and provide visual interest for your property. Making sure that this physical perimeter also provides a secure environment for your family, your pets and your personal property can help you enjoy greater peace of mind at home and when you are away. Here are some key factors to consider when planning a Houston fence to increase security for your home.


While privacy fences can provide valuable protection for families in our area, most security experts recommend choosing a fencing material that offers greater visibility. Privacy fences can provide valuable cover for criminals and would-be intruders, making it much simpler to access your property. Wrought iron and decorative metal fences are often a solid choice for homeowners. These fencing options are attractive and provide both a physical and a psychological barrier that can keep your home safer and more secure. Be careful not to reduce visibility with hedges or other vegetation along the fence line, however, as this can limit the advantages gained by using a see-through fencing material. Open spaces are also important to eliminate areas where trespassers can hide.


Depending on where you live, the height of your fence installation may be limited. For example, the maximum allowable height for fence in Cypress, TX, is eight feet. In some communities, however, homeowners association rules may restrict fences to specific heights and materials. Working with an established Houston fence company can help you stay on the right side of rules and regulations governing the installation of fencing in our area. In general, however, higher fences are more effective at preventing intrusions onto your property.

Added Security Measures

Barbed wire and razor wire toppers for fences are prohibited within the city of Houston. The ornamental spiked tops available on ornamental metal and wrought iron fencing materials, however, can provide a strong deterrent to trespassing and can serve much the same purpose for your Houston home. This can allow a greater measure of safety for yourself and your family while keeping unwanted guests outside your fence. Camera systems can also augment the passive security offered by your fence and may discourage thieves from entering your property with bad intent.

Summit Fence North is a leading Houston fence company with a proven reputation for quality throughout our area. We offer a wide array of fencing options and materials that include wood, vinyl, aluminum, ornamental iron and chain link. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of Houston fence experts will work with you to determine the most appropriate and effective Houston fence for your home. Give our office a call today at 281-895-9500 to receive a free quote. We look forward to helping you feel safe and secure at home.