How Far Away from My Houston Fence Should I Plant?

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If you’re planting a garden or tree, consider the location of your Houston fence.

If you are planning to plant a garden or tree, it’s important to consider where to place it in relation to your Houston fence. Planting too close to a fence can cause issues for both your plants or trees and for your fence. There are quite a few factors to consider when planning your horticultural or arboricultural sites. Assess your Houston fence to determine where to plant your garden or trees.

Gardens Near Your Houston Fence

Gardening can be a great pastime and can beautify your property However, you want to make sure you place your garden far enough away from your fence to ensure the best outcomes. There are many things to consider when planning your gardening endeavor. For example, you should take into account who owns the Houston fence on your property and how much shade it creates.

Consider Fence Ownership

Fences that separate two properties may be owned by your neighbor. If this is the case for your situation, you should understand what your neighbor intends to do with their Houston fence. For example, if they plan to make any changes soon, it may be a good idea to place your garden further away. This way, fencing alterations won’t disrupt your plants or vegetables.

Also, you should refrain from planting things like climbing vines near a fence that you don’t own. Climbing vines can damage fences, and the fence owner may lead to issues between you and your neighbor.

A Houston Wood Fence Can Create Significant Shade

Whether you own the fence or not, many fences cast shadows that might affect your garden’s growth. A privacy fence or Houston wood fence can block your plants from receiving the sunlight they need to grow. To prevent this from happening, try to observe where the shade is throughout the day so your garden can get light no matter what time it is. This will save you the hassle of dealing with an unhealthy garden or having to re-locate your efforts further away from your Houston wood fence later.

How Far Away to Plant Trees from Your Houston Fence

Perhaps you’re planning on planting trees in addition to, or in lieu of, a garden. You should still think about your Houston fence when planning this endeavor. Tree placement can affect your fence in a few different ways. Therefore, it’s important to think about the tree’s height and root type to ensure you don’t accidentally damage your fencing.

Consider Tree Height

Depending on the type of tree you choose, you may need to move it further away from your fence. Tall, broad trees should be located farther away from your fencing than smaller, slimmer trees. This way, your tree will have plenty of room to grow without damaging your fence. Be sure to do research on expected height and width before purchasing and planting trees near a fence.

Type of Tree Roots

Your trusted Houston fence company also encourages caution when planting trees near fences, as roots could damage your fence. Each tree has different roots, which will affect where you should place your trees. Roots can be strong enough to damage sidewalks and even sewer lines, which means they can also impair or even destroy your fence. Trees with shallow roots that could harm your fence. Therefore, you should give these types of trees plenty of space from your fence.

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