Primary Causes of Houston Wood Fence Deterioration

wood-fence1Your Houston wood fence provides added security for your property and an attractive backdrop for landscaping around your home. Over time, however, wood fences can deteriorate and fall into disrepair. Taking steps to protect your fence from wood rot and other threats to its longevity can provide you with years of useful service from these perimeter enclosures. Here are some of the most common reasons for Houston wood fence deterioration.

Wood Rot

Over time, most fences will show the effects of weathering and bleaching caused by the sun. Pollution and rain can also take a toll on your fence. Wood rot is not caused by any of these factors; instead, it is the result of a fungus that feeds on wood and cellulose structures to weaken fence posts and pickets. Using treated lumber for your fence is the best way to defend against this damage. Other tactics for protecting your fence include the following:

• Painting or staining your fence on a regular basis to seal out moisture
• Ensure plenty of air flow around posts and pickets
• Eliminate standing water around your fence

These strategies can reduce the risk of wood rot and can prolong the life of your fence.

Bad Building Materials

Wood from older trees has a greater natural resistance to the effects of weather and pests. Unfortunately, the wood most often available today is from younger trees that have not yet developed the tannin resin needed to provide this added protection. This can lead to premature weathering, insect infestations and other negative effects for your fence. By ensuring that your Houston fence company uses the best quality wood available, you can avoid many issues that can arise from substandard fence building materials.

Poor Construction Methods

The most serious threat to your Houston fence is typically caused by shortcuts or bad construction decisions on the part of your fence installer. In some cases, less reputable fence companies skip important parts of the installation process to save money on labor and materials. These tactics can allow them to underbid legitimate companies. By the time the issues have been identified, the fence company is often long gone. Some of the most common shortcuts used by these companies include the following:

  • Failing to set posts in concrete or cement to provide added support and protection against moisture for wood fences
  • Using posts that are too short to extend the required distance underground
  • Using low-quality nails or reducing the number used to secure rails to posts and pickets to rails
  • Placing the fence pickets too close to the ground

These mistakes or cost-cutting decisions can significantly reduce the useful life of your fence and can cost you a considerable amount in replacement or repair expenses. Paying a little extra for quality workmanship can pay off over the long run in improved appearance and increased longevity for your home’s wood fence perimeter.

Failure to Install a Rot Board

Rot boards are designed to provide added protection for rails and pickets against direct contact with the ground. These additions to the bottom of your Houston wood fence can be easily removed if they show signs of deterioration and are much simpler to replace than the pickets they protect. This can save you time and money over the course of your fence’s useful life.

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