Proper Maintenance of Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron fences are beautiful additions to any home, but they are stationary features that don’t function. A wrought iron gate is just as beautiful, but it’s the one part of your fence that you interact with on a regular basis. To keep it operating smoothly, you can schedule a maintenance call with a Houston fence company and follow the easy DIY tips below for additional care.

Keep the Gate Clean

Iron’s worst enemy is rust, which is created when iron is exposed to oxygen. The best way to keep your gate free of rust is to keep it clean. Optimally, you should clean it monthly, but cleaning the gate twice a year is sufficient to prevent significant accumulations of dirt and grime. An abrasive chemical cleaner is not recommended as it can strip off the gate’s protective coat. Instead, using a mild soap with a soft sponge will be helpful to remove the built up dirt and mold. 

Dealing with Rust

It’s inevitable that some rust will develop over time, and it’s important that you remove rust as soon as you notice it. After cleaning your gate, you can let it dry, and then sand down any rust spots and flaking paint. You can then apply a coat of rust-stopping primer on the affected spots to create a new impermeable barrier. Follow the primer’s directions for curing, and then apply at least two top coats of the finish paint.

Lubrication Guidelines

If your Houston fence has a newer automatic gate, chances are that the different components are sealed and require no lubrication. Older systems and some base models do require regular lubrication with grease, but your gate’s owner manual will specify exactly what type of lubricant to apply. Don’t have your manual handy? White lithium grease is a long-lasting product that works better than motor oil and other conventional lubricants.

Professional Maintenance

Maintaining your gate shouldn’t take more than a few hours every year, and it’s very important to follow these steps to keep your gate running smoothly. However, there are some maintenance steps that require a professional Houston fence company to complete. For example, automatic gate openers have circuit boards that handle basic operations including opening, closing, and locking the gate. Circuit boards should be protected against the elements, but if moisture penetrates a circuit board’s protective cover, it can cause serious malfunctions. When this happens, you’re better off scheduling an appointment with a professional Houston fence company.

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