Proven Tips for Maintaining Your Houston Chain-Link Fence

Keeping your chain-link fence in tip-top condition can protect your property against unwanted intrusions and can help keep it looking its best year after year. Performing some basic maintenance tasks each year is essential to ensure the longevity of your Houston fence. Here are some hints for maintaining your chain-link fence in Cypress TX.

Cut Back the Vegetation

Vines and weeds can grow up over your chain-link fence to create a barrier to visibility both into and out of your property. While these landscaping choices could provide visual appeal in some cases, they can also put a real strain on your chain-link fence. Removing weeds, vines and other vegetation from your fence line can reduce stress on posts and other components of your fence, ensuring that it can stand the test of time for your Houston home or business.

Address Damaged Areas Promptly

Even a small area of damage can soon cause a chain reaction that could bring down large sections of your fence. In some cases, you may be able to repair the damaged portion of your fence with wire or by replacing just one section of your chain-link fencing. More extensive damage, however, will likely require the help of a professional Houston fence company to rebuild the structure of the fence line and ensure the best possible results.

Check for Corrosion

Coated chain-link fence materials are highly resistant to corrosion and rust during regular use. For other chain-link fences, performing a thorough inspection of all metal parts can help you spot rust and corrosion before it does serious damage to the structure of your fence. Steel wool can be used to remove rust from most surfaces of your fence. If this proves ineffective, you may need to consult with your local Houston fence company to determine which commercial product to use on these areas.

Clean Your Fence

Combining three gallons of water with two cups of borax can create a solution suitable for removing dirt and dust from your chain-link fence. Spraying this onto your fence can restore its clean and attractive appearance while allowing you to enjoy the longest possible functional life for these perimeter solutions.

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