Repairing Your Houston Fence Before Colder Weather Comes

Repairing Your Houston Fence Before Colder Weather Comes

As fall and winter seasons approach, your Houston fence may react to the change in humidity and temperature. During the hot, humid summers in the Houston area, wood expands from moisture and warm air. As the air dries and cools, wood dries and shrinks. Metal fences may show signs of rust or corrosion. Moving parts on gates, latches and locks can also be affected. If your fence needs to be repaired, contact a reliable Houston fence company to evaluate the damage and make repairs before winter sets in.

Examine Your Fence

As you prepare your home for winter, check your fence for signs of rot, decay or deterioration. Walk along both sides of the fence to look for deterioration. Check posts to make sure they are securely set into the ground. Clear leaves and vegetation from around the base of the fence. Leaves retain moisture that can damage your fence. Look for deterioration of hinges, nails and bolts.

Examine paint for signs of wear. Make sure boards are not warped or mildewed on your Houston wood fence. Soft spots indicate rot. On metal fences, look for rust or corrosion. Check carefully where metal touches metal. Although vinyl does not rot, it can sag, posts can become loose and moisture can cause fungus or mold to grow.

Schedule and Make Repairs

If you notice signs of deterioration on your fence, schedule repairs before cold weather hits. Call a reputable Houston fence company to evaluate the damage and make repairs. You want your Houston fence to withstand the extremes of weather, including wind, rain, cold and possibly snow.

Repair or replace posts that lean or are not stable. Wooden fences can be waterproofed or painted to repel moisture. Replace boards that are deteriorated or rotted. Examine wood for signs of insect infestation and treat accordingly. If you have a metal fence, repair spots that are corroded or rusted. If the fence has not been painted in many years, consider repainting the entire fence. Vinyl fences can be washed to remove mildew.

Maintain Your Fence

After repairs are completed, maintain your fence throughout the winter months. Keep vegetation and leaves from collecting against posts and fence material. Trim trees near the fence to prevent limbs and twigs from falling on the fence and causing damage. Keeping your Houston fence in good shape protects it and helps last for years. However, if your fence shows signs of advanced deterioration, it may be time to replace it.

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