Repairing Your Sticking or Sagging Wood Gate

Your wood fence provides many benefits for your home, including added security and privacy and a safe perimeter for children and pets. If your gate is malfunctioning or sagging, however, you may need to call your Houston fence company to repair these issues. By entrusting your gate repairs to these professionals, you can avoid damaging hardware and wood while protecting the value and utility of your home and landscaping. Here are some common problems that could affect the functionality of your wood fence gate.

Warping of Wood

Over time, the wood in your gate may become warped or waterlogged, creating added weight that could cause your gate to stick. This is especially true for untreated lumber that can absorb water more easily. Preventing these issues is usually as simple as applying a waterproof sealant, stain or varnish to your entire fence. If the damage has already been done, however, you may need to call a company that specializes in repairing fence in Cypress TX. Depending on the extent of the warping, your fence company may need to perform a complete replacement of the wood in your gate to ensure proper function and durability.

Damaged or Loose Hinges

Hinges that have come loose from the post or the gate can sometimes be reattached quickly and easily. If the wood shows any sign of rot or warping, however, you may have difficulty in reattaching the hinges in the proper spot. This can lead to unbalanced gates and further problems in the future. Loose or broken hinges should be removed and replaced by professionals to reduce the risk of accidents and to ensure that the gate clears the ground properly for easy access to your property.

Sagging Posts

If your gate is sagging or touching the ground when it is opened, it may be time to consider repairing or replacing the posts. Working with a company that installs and repairs fence in The Woodlands TX can help you identify the most practical and cost-effective solutions for these issues. In some cases, reinforcing these posts can add years of useful life to your current posts. If replacements are necessary, professional fence installers can ensure the best possible results for your gate problem.

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