Can You Reuse an Old Houston Wood Fence?

wood pieces of an old Houston wood fence
There are many ways to use the pieces of your old Houston wood fence after fence replacement.

If you need a new Houston wood fence, you might wonder what happens to all the pieces of your old fence. There are many ways to reuse these pieces and keep them out of a landfill. Let’s talk about some ways you can repurpose wood fence posts and panels after you replace your wooden fence.

What to Do with Old Houston Wood Fence Posts and Panels?

When you need to replace your fence, your Houston fence company will remove the old fence and install a newer, stronger fence. Generally cedar fences, like the ones we provide, last between 15 and 30 years with proper maintenance. After that time, fences may start to look old and worn and may not be as strong and durable. However, that doesn’t mean that the wood is completely unusable. After fence replacement, you may want to recycle or even reuse the fence posts and panels. 

One of the first things to do is look for signs of damage or rot. Seriously compromised posts and panels are typically better recycled. However, if the pieces of your old Houston wood fence are in okay condition, there may be many DIY ways to repurpose them. 

Recycling Your Old Houston Wood Fence

If you are replacing your fence, then there’s probably an issue with the fence pieces. Therefore, in many cases the wood isn’t reusable due to rot, splintering, cracks, or other issues. In these cases, you want to recycle them through a trusted recycler. Our team handles the clean up and removal of the old fence pieces for you so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Other fence companies may not and may leave you with the job of transporting the wood to a recycling center.

DIY Projects with Fence Pieces

In many cases the wood pieces of your fence are still in okay condition. In these cases, you can often reuse the pieces for many DIY projects. We recommend avoiding using old wood fence pieces for any major weight bearing structures. However, there are many other DIY projects for old fence pieces. For example, you can paint old fence posts into great decorations, like address displays, last name displays, or other similar signs. Another popular project is to turn old fence posts into raised planters. If you want to use your old wood fence for these types of projects, just let us know and we can leave the wood behind for you. 

Just keep in mind that you should never use fence posts or panels for firewood, as they are often treated with chemicals to make them stronger and more durable. Burning can release chemicals and fumes into the air, which may be dangerous. So, don’t use that old wood fence for a wood pile.

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