How Far From the Road and Property Line Can I Build My Fence?

Houston Fence CompanyIf you are planning to install a perimeter fence around your Houston, Texas, property, there are a few things to consider before you start. How close you place a fence from your property line to a road or easement depends on where you live. Restrictions can be imposed by your subdivision, homeowner’s association or property deed. State, municipal and county zoning laws and regulations also govern how close a fence may be built to a road or easement.

It is usually up to the property owner to find out what rules apply to the proposed project. As you make your plans, contact an experienced, bonded Houston fence company to help you decide how to best align the fence.

Have a Survey

Before you build a fence, you must ascertain the boundaries of your property. You may have a plat of survey as part of your mortgage documents. The county clerk’s office may also have one on file. If you do not have a legal document showing the limits of your property, ask for a survey. A survey shows the boundary of your property plus all existing structures on the property. Some improvements require a building permit. If you need a permit, a survey may be required.

Know the Rules

Each community has its own regulations about fences. In the city of Houston, building a fence has few restrictions. In general, fences lower than 8 feet high do not require a permit. However, there are a few Houston fence rules that do require a permit. If you want to build in an area that floods or make the fence out of concrete or masonry, a permit may be required.

The Woodlands sets its own standards for fencing, and all projects must be approved by the community’s governing body. For example, front yard fences must be set back 5 feet from property lines and 10 feet from driveways of adjacent properties. You may want to hire a local fencing company that has worked within a community or subdivision because they are familiar with the codes and designs allowed in the area. Summit Fence North has worked in The Woodlands and knows the restrictions and requirements for fencing in this community.

Select an Experienced Houston Fence Company

Summit Fence North is a Houston fence company for residential and commercial properties in the area, including Houston, Conroe, Cypress, Spring and The Woodlands. We are a family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience. Summit Fence designs attractive fencing that offers privacy and security for your property. We work with several mediums, including wood, iron, chain link, vinyl and aluminum. Summit Fence installs controlled-access gate openers for ease of use and security. Our Houston wood fence designs and our creations with other fencing materials are original, aesthetically pleasing and compatible with the requirements of your community.

For more information about building a fence in your neighborhood, contact the professionals at Summit Fence North at 281-895-9500 for a free quote.