Rotten Reasons Your Houston Wood Fence Needs Replacing

Rotten Reasons Your Houston Wood Fence Needs Replacing

The weather of the upper Gulf Coast is hard on Houston fences. Rain, wind, standing water, hot sun and ultraviolet light affect wood and other fencing materials. The best way to ensure your Houston wood fence stays in good condition and lasts a long time is to inspect it frequently and repair problems as soon as they occur.

A wooden fence is an investment that can last as long as 30 years depending on the quality and type of wood used and how well it is installed. Maintaining it will prolong its life and keep it attractive. A Houston wood fence repair company provides a full range of services to keep your fence in good condition, including inspections, repair and maintenance. If it is damaged, here are several facts to help you decide whether to repair or replace it.

Improper Installation

The way a wood fence is installed affects its longevity. Improperly installed wooden fences may rot more quickly and be weakened by wind and weather. Untreated posts degrade more quickly than treated posts. In contrast, treated lumber resists moisture, warping and rotting. Cedar and other hardwoods are resistant to moisture and last longer. The fence should be stained or painted to keep moisture from penetrating.

Selecting a reliable, experience Houston fence company is the first step in ensuring that your fence is properly installed. Summit Fence North uses treated posts and treated framework materials. We also prefer cedar pickets to other woods. We add structural components that strengthen the fence, including pressure-treated baseboards and third rails. In addition, we set posts 7 feet apart for better strength. All posts are set in concrete to increase stability.

Rotted Wood

Wood is more susceptible to rot than other materials. Portions of the fence that come in contact with the ground absorb moisture and degrade. If you notice black patches growing on the paint or wood, it is probably mold. Periodic cleaning removes fungus, mold and dirt that cause deterioration. If fungus penetrates the wood, it can weaken boards and posts. In addition, moist wood is a draw for wood-boring insects, including termites and ants.

If posts are rotting, boards are warped or the fence cannot support its own weight, repair may not be feasible. Ask the technicians at Summit Fence North to evaluate the condition of your Houston wood fence to determine whether repairs are cost-effective or if replacement is a better option.

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