Strategies for Soundproofing Your Houston Yard

wood-fenceLife in the big city can be fast-paced and full of noise. By enclosing and landscaping your back yard, however, you can create a restful retreat for yourself and your family that can provide real serenity after a busy day at work or school. A few simple steps can make a big difference in the amount of sound that travels into your living spaces. Enlisting the help of a Houston wood fence company to soundproof your back yard can provide you with a more relaxing experience in these outdoor areas. Here are five tips for reducing noise in urban back yards.

Start with the Right Fence

Most acoustics experts recommend a wooden privacy fence installation to prevent traffic noise and other ambient sound from traveling into your back yard. Depending on the regulations that govern fencing in your area, your choices may be limited in terms of height and materials. Working with a company that sells and installs fence in Cypress TX can often allow you to obtain expert guidance regarding the most effective solutions for your property. In general, wood fences that start at the ground and reach upward six feet or higher are one of the more cost effective barriers to sound coming from outside your property. Avoid any gaps or openings in your fence; these can allow noise to travel into your yard to reduce your overall enjoyment of these outdoor living areas.

Hedge Your Bets

Depending on your current landscaping arrangements, you may be able to incorporate hedges, bushes and plants with dense foliage as a shield against noise. Hedges are nearly ideal in this regard; they provide a secondary wall around your property and are useful both in reflecting sound away from your yard and in absorbing it to reduce the volume of ambient noise. Bushes are typically less dense and provide a smaller degree of sound reduction.

Create a Tree Line

Trees can offer superior soundproofing power for your residential property. Most landscapers recommend pine and other evergreen trees for these purposes because of the year-round protection they can offer for your yard. Planting these trees in a line relatively close together can create a living shield between your property and traffic noises. If evergreen trees do not suit your outdoor décor, other trees can be used to provide added protection against sound throughout the spring and summer months.

Build Interior Spaces

A gazebo, garden nook or other outdoor structure can also reduce noise pollution on your property by breaking up sound waves and diffusing them over a larger area. Trellises, arbors and other additions can enhance the appearance of your entire yard while limiting the effects of traffic noises and other distractions in the outside world. For even greater soundproofing capability, add climbing vines to these decorative installations to create a dampening effect that can reduce perceived noise in your Houston garden or yard.

Add White Noise

Fountains and other water installations can be used to counteract the loud and shrill sounds of traffic by creating a layer of white noise in your yard or garden. Electronic devices are also available that mimic the natural sound-dampening effects of rain and wind. These additions to your yard and garden can also provide aesthetic benefits and can complement your existing landscaping, allowing you to create a beautiful and relaxing retreat just steps away from your own back door.

Maintaining a secure fence around the perimeter of your property can help you enjoy your yard to the fullest throughout the year. Working with an established Houston fence company can ensure the most visually appealing and effective results. Fences can provide soundproofing, security against intruders and safety for pets and children. By starting with a fence and adding layers of landscaping barriers, you can ensure the quietest and most comfortable outdoor areas for your Houston home.