Swinging Verses Sliding Driveway Gates and Other Options

driveway-gateIf you are having a Houston fence installed, you will also need a good gate for the driveway. Several option are available. Each type of gate has its own strengths. Cost, available space, maintenance and how much security is required will play a role in deciding which driveway gate is the best option for you.

Swinging and Sliding Gates

The most popular gates for a fence in Cypress TX are swinging gates and sliding gates. Swinging gates cost less because they function with a simple hinge. They are easier to install than a sliding gate, which requires a track and rollers.

Swinging gates typically swing into the property, so there has to be enough clearance for the gate to open. Swinging gates are recommended for driveways that are less than 12-feet wide.

Sliding gates require enough room to slide parallel to the fence. They also need an extra 3 feet to clear the opening in the fence adequately. With either type of gate, there has to be enough room for a vehicle to park on the end of the driveway while the gate opens. If your swinging gate has to open toward the road, it will require extra space for a vehicle to safely wait while the gate opens. For wider driveways, double swing gates could be the answer. Each gate would cover half of the driveway.

A swinging gate requires less maintenance than a sliding gate because the track for the sliding style has to be free of debris, including leaves, sand or stones. If the track is dirty, the gate will not slide properly and could possibly derail. A Houston fence company can attach brushes to the bottom of a sliding gate to clean the track each time it is opened. A sliding gate also requires a level driveway. Sliding gates can have a V-shaped track or a rear pipe track. The V-shaped tracks are harder to keep clean and are not recommended in areas with a lot of trees.

Swinging and sliding gates can be manual or mechanized. A manual gate is easier to maintain, but you have to get out of the vehicle to open it. Motorized gates are more comfortable to use, especially in bad weather. They can be activated with a code at the gate or from inside your residence. However, motors can fail. Most ranches and farms use manual gates. Mansions, self-storage facilities and restricted access buildings tend to rely on motorized gates.

Other Types of Driveway Gates

Barrier gates consist of a single steel or wooden bar that is raised and lowered automatically or by a gatekeeper. They are frequently used with decorative masonry and landscaping at the entrance to gated communities. They are also found at the entry and exit points of commercial parking lots and parking garages.

Vertical pivot gates work like barrier gates, but they have an 8-foot gate instead of a bar that lifts up while pivoting. The vehicle then passes beneath it. They are useful when there is not enough room for a swinging or sliding gate, and they provide more security than a barrier gate.
Factories and facilities that are highly restricted, such as laboratories or military fields, frequently use vertical lift gates. They cost too much to be practical for a residence and are not decorative. A vertical lift gate raises straight up in the air and stops. After the traffic has passed beneath it, the gate slides down to close. They are probably the most secure type of gate available.