The Advantages of Getting a New Fence Before You Sell Your Home

ornamental-iron2Ask a realtor to name the most important features that people consider when buying a house. The answer will be location and curb appeal. While you cannot change the location of your property, you can give it significant curb appeal by adding a new fence, replacing your old fence or repairing it. Whether you would like wood, metal, vinyl or aluminum fencing, a Houston fence company can quickly give your property a face lift. It could be the edge you need to separate your house from the hundreds of other properties that are already on the market.

Most pet owners want a home with a fenced-in yard so that they do not have to put their pet on a chain or worry about it roaming the neighborhood and annoying the neighbors. They may be unwilling to buy a home without a fence. Other prospective buyers who are not pet owners simply want the privacy and security that fencing gives them.

Fences enhance the curb appeal of the home. Naturally, you have to check with your homeowner’s association before you install any type of fence to avoid a fine. Your fencing company can check out the easements before starting the project.

One of the most desirable types of fencing is a privacy fence, which is 4 to 6 feet high. A Houston wood fence is a smart investment if you want to sell quickly and get a good price for your property. You can also get a cast iron or solid cement fence. You can expect your home to sell quicker and to recover as much as 50 percent of the cost from any of those three types of fencing when your home sells. A chain link or vinyl picket fence will not cost as much to have installed, but neither of those will increase the purchase price as much as a privacy fence in Cypress TX.

When you add a new fence, make sure it matches the design and style of the house. A modern home will look strange with an ornate wrought iron fence, and a charming Victorian house will not be very attractive with a tall chain link fence. To increase your home’s resale value, match the fence to the house.

If your home already has a fence, take a good, hard look at it. Does it add or detract from the overall appearance? If it has seen better days, replace your old, worn-out fence with a new one that will enhance curb appeal before you put your home on the market. Buyers do not want to see a rotting fence that they will need to replace after they take possession of the home. Dog owners want a secure fence for their pets. They do not want to have their dog escaping through holes in the perimeter. If they see a beat-up fence when they arrive at your home, they might simply drive down the street to the next home on their list.

If you absolutely cannot afford to replace your current fence, you should at least have a Houston fence company repair it before you try to sell your property. Just as a new fence will add to the value, an old fence will detract from the price you receive. Fixing your fence can make your home look better than it has. Plus, a repaired fence provides more security than a dilapidated one.

Curb appeal is the second greatest factor when it comes to selling your home for the best price you can get. A new fence will improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its resale value.