The Elegant Simplicity of Wood Board Fencing

The humble white picket fence holds a special place in American history, but just as important is the wood board fence. Whether you imagine a cattle farm or a cozy cabin in the woods, you probably imagine it with this simple and elegant yet undeniably efficient type of fencing. A classic Houston wood fence will add rustic charm to any property, and because of the material efficiency of the design, wood board fencing is often very affordable compared to prefabricated fence products.

Wood Board Fencing

A wood board Houston fence has a very simple design. Wood posts are installed every 8 feet, and three to four parallel boards connect each post. Prefabricated systems work best on level properties, but wood board fencing will flow over any sort of topography, so it doesn’t matter if you live in a hilly or flat area. However, you won’t often find this particular type of fencing in urban or suburban settings as many HOAs and municipalities have restrictions on certain types of wood board fencing.

Field Fencing Options

Want to keep livestock and pets inside your wood board fence and wild animals out? You will want to attach field fencing, which is an inexpensive welded or woven wire. Welded wire is cheapest but also easiest to damage. Woven wire is a more durable product that is perfect for cattle, horses, and other large livestock.

Wood Species

We typically install one of the following wood species: oak, hemlock, and pine. Oak is fairly expensive but is hard and strong. Hemlock weathers better but can become a tasty treat for horses. Pine is a very affordable option, and you can make it last a very long time by treating it with chromated copper arsenate.

Wood Post Options

Wood posts are usually 7 feet long, but you can choose between a square and round cross section. Some home, farm, and ranch owners prefer round posts for their minimalist simplicity. Wood boards are usually 16 feet long and span across three posts, which helps strengthen the entire fence.

Extras and Upgrades

Worried about horses snacking on your fence? A hot wire increases the installation cost by a small amount but can protect your investment for years to come. There is a wide variety of gates, solar-powered post caps, and other upgrades to customize your Houston wood fence.

PVC and Vinyl Alternatives

We get asked about PVC and vinyl fencing quite often. It’s true that PVC and vinyl will hold up practically forever under the elements, but wood is a far more sustainable and affordable fencing material.

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