Tips for Caring for Your Houston Aluminum Fence

Taornamental-iron2king proper care of your aluminum fence in Cypress TX can help you protect your investment in these essential elements of your home security plan. While aluminum fencing requires very little maintenance, a few helpful tips can ensure that your home’s perimeter looks great and functions properly for many years to come.

Clean Your Aluminum Fence

To keep your fence in The Woodlands TX looking as sharp as the day it was installed by your Houston fence company, hosing it down with plain water can remove any debris or grass adhering to its surface. If a more thorough cleaning is required, you can use a mild dishwashing liquid, warm water and a soft sponge to scrub away dirt gently. Never use an abrasive cleaner, as these compounds can damage the finish of your fence. Be sure to rinse your aluminum fence to remove any trace of soap after your cleaning process is complete; this can ensure a spot-free finish for your decorative aluminum fence.

Perform Minor Touch-Ups

While the powder coat finish of your aluminum fence is designed to last a lifetime, you may occasionally see chips or scratches that will require a little added attention to keep your enclosure looking great. Your Houston fence company can provide you with information on the best touch-up paints and application methods to restore your fence to its original pristine glory. If any rust spots appear, be sure to scrub them away before applying paint to these areas. This can ensure that paint adheres properly and lasts longer on your Houston aluminum fence.

Weed the Fence

Tall weeds and other plantings can cause serious damage to aluminum fencing by pressing against poles and support structures. Over time, this vegetation could block visibility, warp fencing materials and even cause structural instability for certain areas of your fence. Avoid the use of string or blade trimmers when cutting back weeds, however; these devices can scratch or mar the surface of your decorative fence. Keeping weeds and shrubs away from your fence can prevent these issues and can allow you to enjoy your new home perimeter for many more years to come.

Adjust the Gate

Most fence experts recommend adjusting and rebalancing aluminum gates at least once a year. This can reduce strain on moving parts of your fence in The Woodlands TX and can ensure that your gate stays level and functional. This can prevent a good deal of wear and tear that could potentially damage your aluminum fence or reduce its longevity. Your fence company can usually perform these maintenance services for a small maintenance fee. Clean your gate the same way you would clean your fence.

Perform an Annual Inspection

Even if your fence looks perfect at a distance, it is essential to monitor its condition closely. Annual inspections of your fence can allow you to spot any early warning signs of rust, chipped paint or damage to structural elements so that these issues can be addressed promptly. If your gate is listing to one side or sagging on its hinges, it may be worthwhile to schedule a maintenance and repair visit with your local fence company. This can provide you with the expertise needed to ensure that these small inconveniences do not develop into serious problems with your Houston fence.

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