Tips for Making Your Houston Fence Storm Proof this Fall

GatePreparing your fence for the fall storm season can help you to prevent damage to this essential component of your home’s security. A few simple steps can help you protect your Houston fence against the worst of fall and winter weather. Here are some helpful tips for storm proofing your Houston fence this autumn.

Check the Perimeter

Taking a little extra time to walk around your Houston wood fence to check for loose posts, missing pickets and other types of damage can help you to ensure the greatest degree of security for your home. This can also allow you to identify any developing problems that could affect the integrity of your fence and the safety of your property.

Trim Trees

One of the biggest threats to your fence is overhanging tree branches. In high winds or severe storm conditions, these limbs can fall on your fence to cause serious damage. Removing dead or dying trees can also protect your fence and your home from damage during fall and winter storms. If the limb or tree in question is on a neighbor’s property, a polite request could go a long way toward protecting your fence and your home this fall.

Store Your Gear

Patio tables and chairs, grills and other outdoor items can be transformed into dangerous missiles in high wind. Storing this gear indoors or tying it down securely can help to prevent damage to your deck, fencing and home. This strategy can also prevent the loss of valuable items that could otherwise be blown away in violent weather conditions.

Lock the Gates

If you have metal or wooden gates, making sure these entry points are locked down before the big storms arrive can help you to avoid dangerous situations when high winds arrive. Gates are heavy and can cause real damage to your home or your surrounding fence. Making sure it is held in place can prevent some of the worst damage caused by fall storms in Houston.

Reinforce Your Fence

Your Houston fence company can provide you with real options for reinforcing your fence at the time of installation or as a value-added service when rebuilding or repairing your fence. Arranging for these reinforcements at the time your fence is installed is significantly cheaper than adding them afterwards. In both cases, however, they are a cost-effective way to strengthen your fence in preparation for the storm season ahead.

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