Tips for Removing Your Old Houston Wood Fence

commercial-wood-fenceRemoving a deteriorating wooden fence can allow you to install a newer and more attractive replacement and can enhance the entire look of your home and property. Enlisting the help of a professional Houston wood fence company can ensure that these tasks are accomplished safely and quickly. A few simple tips can provide added support throughout your home and yard renovation project. Here are four key tips to success when removing your old wood fence in the Houston area.

Find Out Who Owns the Fence

If you did not originally install the fence you want to remove, it may be worthwhile to check with your neighbors or with the city records department to determine whether the fence actually belongs to you. In some cases, it may have been installed by neighbors and may not even be on your property. Checking into the ownership of your fence can help you avoid friction with other homeowners in your area when planning the removal or replacement of a dilapidated or damaged fence.

Contact Utilities

The One-Call Board of Texas provides free utility location services for homeowners in our state. You can access these services by dialing 811 or 1-800-545-6005. Homeowners are legally required to notify the One-Call Board at least 48 hours prior to a planned excavation of more than 16 inches. This can ensure the greatest degree of safety for you and your family while reducing the risk of unwanted power outages and other interruptions to utility services in your area.

Decide about Reusing or Removing Fence Posts

In some cases, your fence posts may still be sturdy and usable even when the panels of your fence show serious signs of wear and tear. If you plan to replace your fence, it may be cost-effective to leave posts in place to reduce the costs of replacement. This can simplify the replacement process and may offer added savings when installing your new wood fence. Consulting with an established Houston fence company can provide added guidance on the condition of your posts and the practicality of reusing these components for your new fence installation.

Determine the Best Method of Removal

The tools needed to remove panels and posts can present hazards for those unfamiliar with these types of equipment. In most cases, a claw hammer and a crowbar can be used to remove nails and to pry boards away from the crossbars and posts. Removing the posts, however, can be more problematic for a number of reasons:

  • Some posts may be set in concrete, making it much more difficult to remove them from your property. These concrete footings are heavy and may require specialized equipment to reduce the risk of injury during removal.
  • Damaged or deteriorating posts can break under pressure, creating splinters and potentially causing injury or damage if the heavy concrete footings fall unexpectedly.
  • Dislodging heavy posts may require the use of towing or excavating equipment that can present serious risks to those unfamiliar with their use.

Engaging the services of a company that specializes in Houston fence installation and removal can provide added support for novices to the do-it-yourself arena. These skilled professionals can remove your existing fence quickly and effectively with specialized equipment that can streamline the entire process without any added risk to you or your family. For homeowners who feel uncertain about taking on these projects alone, working with a Houston fence company can be a safe and effective choice.

If you decide to replace your Houston wood fence enclosure, finding the right company to perform this installation can save you time and money during this process. By selecting a company with solid experience in the Houston fence industry, you can enjoy added security for your home and property. Entrusting your fence installation to the professionals can deliver the most durable and attractive results for many years to come.