Tips from Your Houston Fence Company to Prevent Fence Rot

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To prevent rot, your Houston fence company recommends sealing or staining your fence regularly. If water beads on the surface of your fence, your stain is still protecting your fence.

Your Houston fence company sees rotted fences all the time. Unfortunately, many fence owners don’t know the proper way to protect their fences from rot. However, your Houston fence company has put together a helpful guide to help keep your fence strong and attractive for many years to come.

The Difference Between Wet Rot and Dry Rot

Not all fence rot is made the same. Wet rot affects your Houston wood fence when it often comes into contact with moisture. Over time, this causes the wood to crack and soften. Additionally, you may notice a musty smell or fungal growth like mold when wet rot affects your fence. Generally, this occurs near the base of the fence where it meets the ground. However, wet rot can happen anywhere on your wood fence.

Dry rot, as the name suggests, is caused by dry, hot conditions. With exposure to sunrays and warm winds, the protective oils on the exterior of your fence wear away. Then, your fence may become dry and brittle. So, to protect your fence, be sure to consider both types of fence rot and take some preventative steps.

Tips from Your Houston Fence Company for Preventing Rot

Your fence doesn’t have to succumb to rot, and you can take several steps to stop this from happening. Your Houston fence company has compiled a list of things you can do to keep your fence in great condition.

Stain or Seal Regularly

Staining or sealing your fence not only keeps it looking attractive, it also helps prevent fence rot. Your Houston fence company recommends staining or sealing your wood fence at least once a year to help keep it in good shape. However, in some cases you may need to do it more often. An easy way to test if it’s time for re-staining is to spray water on your fence. If the water beads on the surface, your stain or sealant is still working. If the water absorbs into your fence, then you’ll need to apply a new coat of stain or sealant.

Clean Your Houston Fence Regularly

Another important step that your Houston fence company recommends for preventing fence rot is cleaning your fence regularly. When debris builds up on your fence, it can trap moisture in your fence and lead to wet rot. Therefore, remove leaves, dirt, and other fragments from your fence often. Additionally, wash your fence with a power washer frequently to keep it strong.

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