What Type of Houston Fence to Get for Big Dogs?

Large dog in superman costume in front of Houston fence
A Houston fence keeps your dog safe.

If you have a dog, you know how important it is to have a Houston fence. Fences help keep fido safe and prevent them from running away. One question many people ask our experts is what type of fence we recommend for big dogs. In this article, we’ll explore some of our tips for fence selection for large dog breeds.

Tips for Choosing the Right Houston Fence for Your Large Dog Breed

Choosing the right fence for your dog can be a bit of a process. Of course, our team is always here to help you understand your options and make the right decision. However, we do have some tips to help you choose a Houston fence that is right for your dog.

Know What Behaviors Your Houston Fence Will Need to Withstand

One thing that is really helpful for fence selection is knowing what kind of behaviors your dog has and how they will affect the fence. Knowing what to expect from your dog can help you choose a fence that can stand up to those behaviors. 

For instance, some behaviors to note include:

  • Climbing
  • Digging
  • Biting
  • Scratching
  • Jumping

All of these can cause damage to your fence, particularly if you don’t have the right one to begin with. For instance, if a dog frequently jumps, then you probably need a taller fence. If a dog is territorial, then chain link may not be the right option, as they will be able to see people and other dogs through the fencing. 

Understanding what kind of things to expect from your dog can help you determine many different factors of your new fence, from the height to the material. 

Make Sure You Use Durable Materials

Fences come in many different materials. Some fence materials may be better for your dog than others. Whatever you choose, it’s essential to make sure that your fence is durable if you’re using it to keep your dog in your yard. 

For example, while short picket fences are a cute way to mark the boundary of your property, they probably aren’t strong enough (or tall enough) to prevent your dog from escaping your yard. Instead, you want to opt for strong, durable materials like a Houston wood fence, iron fence, vinyl fence, or chain link fence. 

These materials are typically heavy-duty enough to withstand normal dog behaviors like minor scratching and jumping. For climbers, a vinyl fence may be better for your dog. For chewers and biters, chain link may be a good option to prevent damage. 

Whatever you do, just make sure that the fence is sturdy. This includes choosing good quality materials and also working with a reputable fence installer to ensure your fence is secure and installed correctly for best results. 

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