Upgrading Your Houston Fence and Backyard for the Summer

Summer is here once again, and the great outdoors are calling! Armed with a modest budget, you can spruce up your yard and make it an oasis for the whole family to enjoy. From a new Houston fence to keeping the mosquitoes at bay, these four backyard upgrading ideas are guaranteed to make your home the perfect place for family and neighborhood gatherings.

A Brand New Fence

The single biggest improvement to any yard is a fence, which increases:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Property values

A Houston Fences is a must-have for families with outdoor pets and kids, and they even make taking care of your yard easier. With options ranging from classic wood and wrought iron to PVC and resin, an experienced Houston fence company has the perfect style to match your home. Have an existing Houston fence? Replacing it or at least giving it a fresh coat of paint will make your backyard pop.

Light Up the Night

For thousands of years, humans called it a day when the sun set, but today, you can keep the party going long into the night. Fire pits are a perennial favorite, and new gas models are perfect for small yards that lack the storage space for firewood. LED lighting is an eco-friendly alternative that uses a small fraction of the electricity of conventional outdoor lighting, and you can illuminate everything from a fence to a fountain.

Picture Perfect Patios

Patios are great place to gather at night, but they can be a bit too warm during the day to fully enjoy. However, a pergola, canopy, or any other source of shade will easily drop daytime temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees. Patio furniture looking a bit outdated? New cushions or covers can refresh your backyard’s appearance at a fraction of the cost of fully replacing the furniture.

Pest-Free Summer Living

People have been fighting mosquitoes and other pests from time immemorial, but today, we are winning that battle. Keep the critters away with mosquito nets and nontoxic repellents such as marigold and lemongrass. Remove any source of standing water, which provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes. For larger animals such as rodents, consider a repellent that works by emitting a stinky odor. Don’t worry — you will not be able to smell it, but animals with their noses an inch off the ground will, and they will stay away!


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