What is the Best Privacy Fence for Your Yard?

wood-fence1To keep your home secluded and secure, consider installing a privacy fence. The structure will stop people from seeing into your home and yard. It will also increase the safety of your children and pets when they spend time outside. Privacy fences have other uses as they can block out unpleasant neighborhood views or maintain the security of a pool or hot tub. A Houston Fence Company stocks a variety of privacy fences to help you choose the best style for your property.

Fence Types

Today’s privacy fencing materials include chain link, wood and vinyl. When selecting the best privacy fence for you, be sure to consider the pros and cons of the different fencing materials. Also, make your selection according to your budget, maintenance abilities, property terrain variations and the requirements of your community.

Chain Link

Homeowners often decide to install chain link fences because the material option comes with a number of benefits. For instance, it is easy to maintain, and it will last a long time. The fencing style is one of the most affordable enclosures available, and you can use chain link as a type of lattice by growing plants up and around it. Keep in mind that chain link fencing is probably one of the least attractive fence styles, and even with privacy slats inserted into the chain link, the material does not provide as much concealment as other kinds of fences.


In Houston, the most popular type of material used for fences is wood. As a result, there are a large number of designs and styles available. You can select a Houston wood fence that is made from bamboo, pine or fir. Since wood is a natural product, the material will blend in with your home and landscaping more easily than other kinds of fences. Also, depending on the type of wood fence you select, your home’s privacy levels can be high or low. Wood fences are a good option if you have a yard with ground variations or steep slopes. A negative aspect to the fencing material is the cost as it is one of the more expensive fencing options on the market. It can also take more time to install. Wood fences require treatment to maintain their appearance and integrity, but the fencing material is beautiful and durable.


Many design options are available with vinyl fencing. In fact, due to the diverseness of vinyl, you will likely come across styles that are both appealing and affordable. Since vinyl is preassembled in sections, the fence style is one of the most private options available. The benefits of vinyl include its lightweight construction, which makes it quick and simple to install, as well as its durability and low maintenance requirements. Even when you install a decorative vinyl fence, the material will give you a high level of privacy. Vinyl may not be the best choice for yards with steep slopes because this property feature can result in significant gaps in the fence.

Selection Tips

Chain link is best when you need to enclose a space on a tight budget. If your home is in a rural or suburban location, consider installing a wood fence or vinyl. All three options provide longevity as they are sure to remain standing for many years.

A Few Final Thoughts

Before purchasing a privacy fence for your Cypress or The Woodlands, Texas home, be sure to check your area’s zoning laws, building codes and homeowner association regulations for limitations regarding fencing materials and height. Some communities also have open space requirements. With the right privacy fence, you can make the most of your outdoor spaces. Whether you choose a chain link, wood or vinyl privacy fence, a Houston fence company can install, repair and maintain it for you.