What You Should Know About Vinyl Fencing

vinyl-fenceThere are a number of reasons that you might consider having a fence installed. In addition to the fact that they can be very attractive additions to your Houston, Cypress, TX or The Woodlands, TX home, fencing can also provide privacy and safety. Before you contact a Houston fence installation company, you may want to become familiar with the benefits of vinyl fencing. While a wood fence, aluminum and chain link fencing are very popular, vinyl fencing may actually be your best option.

It Is Available In A Variety of Styles
Thanks to the properties of the material, vinyl fencing is available in a wide array of styles and colors. There is an incredible range of shades that you can choose from when you decide to go with vinyl fencing, and privacy, picket and pool fences as well as railings, gates and posts can be made from this material. You can also get fencing that looks like other materials, including wood and stone.

Vinyl Fencing Is Durable And Easy To Care For
Vinyl siding for homes has become very popular in the last few years due to the durability of the material. The same benefits that apply to siding can be had from this type of fencing. Vinyl does not fade, does not need to be repainted or require special treatments to stay looking fresh and new. Additionally, unlike wood, it does not rot, warp or become damaged due to termites or other insects, and it will not rust or corrode the way that some metal fencing materials can.

This type of fencing is also very sturdy, but is very flexible as well, making it an outstanding choice for people with children and pets. In fact, many use this material to secure horses and livestock because it cannot be chewed through. Additionally, animals are not able to break through it nor injure themselves while attempting to get loose, which can be a problem with wood fencing.

These attributes make vinyl the perfect fencing material, especially in areas where inclement weather is common. Enormous amounts of rain will not do any damage to the fencing, and coastal areas with high humidity or salt in the environment have no effect on it either. Since it is not a rigid material, vinyl also tends to fare better in areas with high winds than other fencing, which are prone to breaking or collapsing in these conditions.

Vinyl Fencing Is Cost Effective
Price ranges for fencing vary depending on your choice of fence and how large it will be, but compared to other materials, vinyl fencing can be affordable. While it may cost slightly more than  a wood fence and chain link structures, the difference per foot of fencing is fairly small. Additionally, there are a variety of maintenance costs with other fencing materials, such as repainting, priming and repair.

Vinyl fencing is five times as strong as wood, so repairs to it are far and few between. Additionally, since the material does not fade or require any other maintenance than an occasional washing with soap and water, there is almost no effort or money required for up keep with vinyl fences. Add in the fact that these fences can have a much longer lifespan than those made of metal and wood, and your long-term savings can be significant in spite the possibility of a slightly higher upfront cost.

Many vinyl fences also come with extensive warranties, so you can look forward to years of sturdy and attractive fencing. Further, the material is recyclable, and it is non-toxic, so these types of fences are an environmentally friendly choice.