Who Gets The Good Side Of A Houston Fence?

Who Gets The Good Side Of A Houston Fence?

Working with an established Houston fence company is usually the best way to achieve the results you’re looking for in your new fence. Your fence is an integral part of the impression you make on neighbors and those passing by your home. Knowing the rules of fence etiquette will help you to make the best choices when installing your Houston fence this year. Consider a couple points when deciding which side of your fence should face the inside or outside of your residential property.

The Nice Side Goes Out

Your Houston wood fence will typically feature two very different sides. The smooth side consists of visible pickets that usually meet to provide optimal privacy. The other side shows off the fence posts, rails and other structural elements of your fence. In nearly all cases, your Houston fence company will install the smooth side of your fence to face outward for the following reasons:

  • The nice side of the fence is more likely to enhance your home’s curb appeal and to promote the most attractive appearance for your property.
  • The railings of your fence could provide an easy method for climbing over and into your yard if they were placed on the outside of your fence installation.
  • Adding additional latches for gates is much easier from the railed side of the fence than from the smoother side. It may also be easier to spot damage and to repair it from the railed side of your residential fence.

Working with a qualified fence installation company is the best way to promote the best results for your new residential fence.

Some Fences Have Two Nice Sides

Depending on the type of fence configuration you choose, your fence may actually have two equally nice sides. These fences typically feature alternating pickets that do not provide complete privacy for your property. Alternating pickets are a solid choice for front yards or for homes that are located relatively far away from their neighbors. Ornamental iron and wrought iron fences are also designed to look equally elegant on both sides and are often chosen for commercial properties in our area.

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