Why a Houston Fence Matters to Potential Home Buyers

If you are looking for a Houston fence company to install a fence on your property, you have probably heard that good fences make good neighbors. Even if you do not really need a fence, you would be wise to install one if you are looking for a buyer. Many potential buyers will not waste their time looking at a house without a fence. Here are some reasons why fences are important.

A Fence Creates a Contained Area
Couples who have children, especially toddlers, want to have a safe zone for their kids. A backyard that is fully fenced by a professional Houston fencing company keeps the children inside and intruders outside your perimeter. A Houston fence also prevents stray dogs or other animals from threatening little ones.

Fences Are Great for Dogs
A dog may be a person’s best friend, but a fence is a dog’s best friend. Fences keep dogs from wandering, which can lead to fights, bites, puppies or a trip to the dog pound. People want their dogs to stay at home, play with the kids and guard the property. Fences work both ways. Aggressive dogs that walk past a house cannot start trouble inside the fence, and a restrained dog cannot go outside to confront another pet.

People Prefer Privacy
Many people simply prefer solitude. A privacy fence in The Woodlands TX area does not merely keep nosy neighbors from exercising their curiosity. It also establishes a defined play space for the entire family, and it is an effective deterrent for prowlers and burglars. A wooden fence will insulate a home against noise from traffic and other distracting sources. A fence can also be a good anchor point for a deck.

A Fence Increases Your Home’s Value
Prospective buyers are inclined to pay more for a house with a fence. The added amount you receive for your house will more than offset the expense of a new fence. It does not matter whether the fence you install is chain link, ornamental iron rod, aluminum or vinyl. Height is more important than the type of fence. People like tall fences, and your home will be worth more on the open market if the yard has a high fence. A buyer with children or dogs would possibly deduct the cost of having to build a new fence from an offer on your property.

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