Why an Aluminum Fence in Cypress TX is so Durable

ornamental-comWhen you think of durable, sturdy fencing, your first thoughts probably turn to wood and iron. While both of these make fine fences, aluminum is probably the longest lasting, strongest material you can use for a Houston fence.

Aluminum is undoubtedly the pound-for-pound champion when it comes to fences. It is so strong that it is used to build airplanes and other items that will have to withstand extraordinary forces during their lifetime. If it can weather the incredible cold and unrelenting atmospheric conditions of flight, an aluminum fence in Cypress TX can handle just about anything that the sometimes brutal Texas climate can throw at it.

What Makes Aluminum Fences So Strong?

For starters, aluminum fencing is made from 6063 T5 alloy to create the strongest components possible. Then, an oxide film is applied so that a aluminum fence in the Woodlands TX can shrug off rain, hail and fierce sunlight. All the pickets and rails are powder coated to fuse the paint to the aluminum. Then, they are welded together. Each section can endure 150 miles per hour winds and resist as much as 1,000 pounds of pressure.

Since it is so lightweight, it is easier to handle. Do not let its weight deceive you. Aluminum is just as strong as steel, and it does not rust. Because it is inexpensive to manufacture, it is less expensive to purchase. Plus, it has the added benefit of costing less to install because it is easier to handle.

For those who think in terms of environmental responsibility, a percentage of aluminum fencing is made from recycled materials. Aluminum fences require little to no maintenance, so you will not have to repaint or stain your fence in years to come. A quick rinsing with your garden hose will keep your fence looking like new. It will not rot or fade, and it is completely resistant to termites.

Aluminum fences create a safely contained area for your children or pets and can be installed on a sloped terrain with no problem. The material is also strong enough to resist intrusion by unwanted outsiders. Aluminum fences can even be topped with spikes for extra protection and to provide a custom accent. They look great while they are doing their job in either home, commercial or industrial applications.

To talk about the benefits of aluminum fencing, give Summit Fence North a call at 281-895-9500. We can discuss your aluminum fencing options and come by to give you an in-person quote for a new fence. You cannot go wrong with an aluminum fence.