Why and When to Repair Your Wood Fence

bg.jpgYour home’s fence can provide a secure perimeter that keeps pets and children in and intruders out. Wood fences can also afford a degree of privacy for back yards and gardens. Over time, however, your Houston wood fence may require repairs or maintenance to ensure an attractive appearance and optimal functionality. Knowing why and when to repair your fence can provide you with added security and increased curb appeal. Your Houston fence company can provide you with the repair services needed to keep your fence in tip-top condition. Here are five signs that indicate a professional wood fence repair may be in your best interest in the near future.

Signs of Dry Rot

Both dry rot and wet rot can spread quickly from one area of your fence to others. This can turn a simple and small job into a major repair undertaking that can require significantly more time and money to resolve. Prompt action is needed to limit the damage caused by these fungal growths and to keep as much of your fence intact as possible. By working with a company that installs and repairs fence in Cypress, TX, you and your family can ensure that these issues are dealt with quickly and effectively to preserve the integrity of your home fencing system.

Broken Slats or Leaning Posts

Replacing a few broken slats is usually a quick and easy repair job for a professional Houston fence company. Leaning posts, however, may require excavation or reseating to ensure that the fence stays intact and to prevent further damage or sagging. This can be a complicated procedure that may require significant expertise to correct. Obtaining an estimate for these types of repairs from a reputable fence company can help you ensure that your fence looks and works great for many years to come.


Termite infestations typically require a two-tiered approach to ensure that wood fences and your home are protected against these destructive insects. First, a professional termite inspection and treatment firm should perform a thorough assessment of the extent of damage already done. Any necessary treatments should be performed to kill the colony and prevent further spread of the infestation. After this, working with your local fence company to replace damaged wood and to repair the perimeter can ensure the most positive outcome for a localized termite infestation.

Storm Damage

High winds can sometimes take down large sections of your fence and leave your property open to animal and human intrusions. Contacting a company with experience in installing and repairing fence in The Woodlands, TX, can provide added help in restoring your perimeter and your peace of mind after a damaging storm. In some cases, insurance may cover part of the cost of these repairs. Working with a reputable company can help you reduce your costs and can ensure the most effective and durable repairs for your home’s fence.

Normal Wear and Tear

As wood ages, it can crack or split, leaving gaps in your previously pristine fence. Consulting with a knowledgeable fencing company can help you determine whether repair or replacement is the most cost-effective solution for your situation. These fence professionals can assess the condition of your wood fence and can give you a timeline for likely deterioration, allowing you to make and informed decision regarding the repair or replacement of your home’s wood fence.

In most cases, working with an established fence company can provide guidance and support for Houston homeowners in managing minor and major wood fence repairs. Choosing a firm with experience in both the fence installation industry and the climate conditions in Texas can ensure that you receive the most accurate advice and the best solutions for your wood fence repair or replacement needs.