Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Have a Houston Fence Installed

As your outdoor maintenance winds down for the winter, you may be considering a new fence installation to enclose your property and to provide a frame for your landscaping efforts. Winter may be the perfect time to call your Houston fence company and to begin the process of installing a new perimeter solution around your residential or commercial property. Here are some key reasons to plan your fence installation for the upcoming winter months.

Plants Are Dormant

During the winter months, your lawn and most of your other plants are in a dormant phase. This can make it much easier to install your fence in The Woodlands TX without damaging or trampling growing plants. By opting for wintertime installations, you can provide the greatest possible protection for flowers, shrubs and other landscaping around your home or business.

Reduced Wait Times

Winter is traditionally a slower time for Houston fence installers. By scheduling your fence installation during this downtime, you can often receive faster service and reduced wait times for your fence. In some cases, fence companies may offer discounted rates or other specials to encourage homeowners and business owners to schedule their fence work during this slower time of the year.

Less Disruption

Many Houston families spend plenty of time outdoors throughout the summer. This can create significant disruptions both for fence installers and for the backyard activities planned during a fence installation. By choosing to have your fence installed during the cold of winter, you can avoid these schedule conflicts for your family while enjoying the benefits of a secure perimeter for property, pets and people alike.

Added Privacy

When trees shed their leaves this fall, your home could be much more exposed to public view. A Houston wood fence can restore some of the privacy lost when leaves fall and trees are bare. By opting for a privacy fence, you can also increase the security of your property throughout the upcoming year.

Because hard freezes are so rare in the Houston area, scheduling your winter fence installation can be an easy and convenient task. At Summit Fence North, we are a Houston fence company that specializes in providing you with the most attractive and practical solutions for your home or business. From ornamental metal fences with the look and feel of real wrought iron to privacy fences that offer a secluded retreat from the world, our fence technicians can provide you with the right options to suit your needs and your budget. To learn more about our full lineup of fences or to schedule a consultation, call 281-895-9500 today. We look forward to designing and installing the perfect fence for your home or business.