Why You Need to Hire a Utility Locator Before Having a Houston Fence Built

When you bought your Houston area house or business property, did it have a fence? Now, you have to decide if you need a Houston fence because you just had children or got a new pet. You could also need a fence to keep your company safe from intruders or you might want a fence because you prefer privacy.

However, before you mark off the area and hire someone to install your new fence, you need to check with a utility locator. These experienced inspectors can tell you whether your posts will hit an important utility line beneath the surface. Damage to a main line can be very expensive to repair. It will also make you pretty unpopular in your neighborhood if utility services are compromised. Another good reason to use a utility locator is that it is illegal in many states to dig without searching for service lines and conduits.

It is always best to call a utility locator before you even plan your fence. It is better to be sure than to have to go back to the drawing board and redesign your fence. Basically, a utility locator finds wiring and underground pipes that are buried where you are planning to build your Houston wood fence or any other kind of barrier. The main concerns for the locator are the gas lines, sewer, freshwater and power cables that zig-zag across your property. The locator will locate where these lines are, and they will be marked accordingly so that you do not accidentally damage government or commercial property when you have your fence installed by a Houston fence company.

Utility locators are well-educated professionals with years of experience. They are well aware of the topography of your area. They collaborate with gas and utility companies and employ sophisticated equipment to pinpoint problem areas. They are skilled in mathematics, and they are expert blueprint readers. A utility locator can also help you by carefully digging to expose a known line so that you will not hit it. Usually, locators will have training, mentoring, education and fieldwork to support their opinions. Always make it a point to ask if your fence company has a utility locator or if they can recommend one for you.

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