Why You Should Choose Powder-Coated Metal Fencing

If you are considering installing a fence in The Woodlands, TX, or the surrounding Houston area, making sure you achieve the most beautiful and durable results can help you make the most of your financial investment. Opting for powder-coated wrought iron or ornamental metal fencing can provide you with the most attractive fence and the longest life for these advanced perimeter solutions. Here are some of the most important benefits of choosing powder coating for your aluminum fence or wrought iron fence installations.

Resistance to the Elements

Powder coating offers significantly better durability for your Houston fence than comparable paint or varnish options. The heat bonding process actually allows the powder coating to melt directly onto the surface of your metal fence, creating a bond that is nearly impossible to damage or destroy. In most cases, powder coat is about twice as thick as paint, which adds to its exceptional durability. Powder coatings can last for 20 years or more, making them a practical choice for exterior metal fencing in the Houston area.

Green-Friendly Protection

The methods used to apply powder coating to fencing materials are environmentally responsible and produce very little pollution. Unused powder can be collected and reused to minimize waste of these resources. Unlike traditional paints and varnishes, powder coating uses heat rather than chemical reactions to ensure a solid application. This can reduce the number of volatile chemicals released into the air during application. By choosing powder-coated metal fencing, you can make a positive difference for the environment.

Easy Maintenance

Powder coatings are designed to require little or no maintenance after their installation. Unlike paint, these surfaces can be washed repeatedly without peeling or flaking. This can save you considerable time and effort when maintaining fences for your Houston home or business.

Unparalleled Beauty

The beauty and versatility of powder coating for fences is unmatched. These advanced coatings are available in an array of colors and textural designs to suit almost any landscaping design or personal preference. By opting for powder coating over paint, varnish and other temporary options, you can enjoy the look you want for many years to come.

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