Why Your Houston Wood Fence Should Have Post Caps

Fences offer privacy and security, but they offer neither if they start to rot. Wood fences are especially vulnerable to the elements on top due to the exposed crosscut grain, which is less likely to get painted or sealed properly than the visible sides. You can add years to your Houston wood fence simply by adding an affordable post cap to the top of each post.

Types of Fence Post Caps

Post caps come in a variety of materials. Wood is traditional, but it requires regular maintenance to ensure that it does not start rotting itself. Copper is popular and trendy, but it will discolor over time to a dark brown. Fortunately, that discoloration will not make it any less effective as a post cap. Vinyl is also fairly common, but it has a tendency to grow brittle after a few years under the hot Texas sun. Newer resin post caps will last for years and years without worry, and they come in a variety of colors that will not fade or discolor over time.

Styles and Upgrades

Fence post caps come in almost every style imaginable. From modern to traditional and simple to ornate, there are post cap styles available to fit your tastes. You can also purchase post caps with integrated LED lights and photovoltaic cells to add an additional layer of security to your backyard.

Protecting Your Property

Post caps provide multiple benefits: they divert rainwater away from the top of your posts, and they keep the worst of the sun’s UV ray off the top of each post. Your posts will weather more slowly, and you will not have to worry about your posts swelling and splitting in the first few years after a Houston fence company installs your new fence.

Maintaining Your Post Caps

Wood post caps require more maintenance than any other type of post cap, so expect to apply another coat of paint or water sealer any time you touch up the rest of your Houston wood fence. With annual maintenance however, wood caps should last for at least 20 years. Other materials including copper and resin should hold up just fine without maintenance, but you might need to reseat them with silicone caulk if they start to grow loose. Your caps should also have a little wiggle room before you secure them with adhesive — too tight, and the wood post might swell up with moisture and split them.

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