Wire Gauges and Coatings for Houston Chain-Link Fences

Chain-link fencing is one of the most affordable and practical options for homes and businesses in our area. Your Houston fence company can provide you with guidance on the right configuration and gauge of fence for your property. Here are some helpful guidelines on choosing the right options for your new chain-link fence enclosure.

Understanding Gauge and Mesh Size

Gauge refers to the diameter of the wire used to create the chain-link. Smaller numbers indicate a thicker wire and are generally associated with stronger and more durable fencing. Mesh size determines how big the gaps are between parallel wires in the fencing itself. Small mesh sizes are used to create greater security for commercial fencing or to keep smaller animals inside. Larger mesh sizes are usually reserved for residential applications.

Standard-Grade Chain Link

Standard-grade chain-link fencing is usually available in a variety of thicknesses. These light-gauge fencing options are not designed to stand up to strong impacts or significant wear-and-tear. Most companies recommend using 11-gauge or thicker wire for your chain-link fence installation to ensure the greatest safety for people and pets and the highest degree of protection for your property.

Professional-Grade Chain Link

To ensure that commercial properties are safe from unwanted intrusions and perimeter breaches, most experts recommend using 6-gauge wire for industrial fencing. In some cases, 9-gauge wire may be used to cut costs and ensure the greatest flexibility for your fence. Working with an experienced Houston fence company can provide you with added information on the right wire gauge for your chain-link fence.


You can often improve the durability and security provided by your chain-link fence with advanced coatings. Core wire coating options include the following:

  • Galvanized-before-weaving (GBW) wire can provide a consistent look and greater resistance to wind and weather for your chain-link fencing installation.
  • Aluminized coatings are also useful in preventing corrosion and increasing the life of your fence.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized fencing materials are galvanized after the weaving process is complete. It does not present as clean an appearance as GBW chain link.
  • Vinyl coatings can enhance the look and performance of your chain-link fencing for residential or commercial installations.

Working with a company that specializes in installing a fence in The Woodlands TX or Houston can ensure that you receive the right recommendations for your chain-link fencing needs.

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