Wrought Iron Verses Aluminum Fencing

ornamental-comBefore you order a new fence from a Houston fence company, you should know the difference between wrought iron and aluminum fencing. Then, you can purchase the right type of fence for your particular needs.

Fences have various uses. Usually, the use dictates the type of fence that will work best. You will see fences in the following areas.

  • Around playgrounds
  • Enclosing swimming pools
  • On top of retaining walls
  • Beside walkways
  • Enclosing yards

Iron or aluminum fences are generally preferred over wooden fences because wood needs to have regular maintenance. If a wood fence is not cleaned and painted periodically, it does not look very attractive and will not last very long.

The Advantages of Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing uses square tubing for the pickets and punched channel pieces for the rails. It is available in 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide segments, which is wider than aluminum fencing. The pickets and the rails are black powder coated. The fencing is warranted for 10 years, and the finish is guaranteed for one year. Wrought iron fencing is elegant and stylish, but it is subject to rusting. However, some property owners like the weathered look of wrought iron, especially for historic buildings or houses.

If you need a heavy-duty fence in The Woodlands TX, wrought iron is a perfect choice. It is great for high-security applications, and it can withstand more wear and tear than aluminum fencing. It is functional and very attractive, especially with the finials, or decorative pieces, on top of each of the pickets. Wrought iron fencing works best on level ground or with a retaining wall.

Wrought iron fencing comes in a wide variety of styles with matching gates. You can even order a customized gate with your family crest or initial.

The Advantages of Aluminum Fencing

The standard aluminum fence in Cypress TX is made from pickets that are five-eighths of an inch square and rails that are 1 inch square. It comes in segments that are 48 inches high by 72 inches wide. Each segment weighs about 12 pounds. The finish is powder coated and is available in five basic colors to match your home or landscaping.

Aluminum never requires sanding or painting. It will not chip, peel, crack or rust. It has a lifetime warranty and can be installed on hilly terrain. It also weights less than wrought iron fencing. Aluminum fencing can blend in with the surroundings, or it can be used to decorate as well as protect your property. It is useful for residential and commercial properties because it has a wide range of grades. It is relatively simple to install and to repair if it gets damaged. Aluminum fencing can save you time and money.

Aluminum and wrought iron fencing work well to make your property secure. Plus, wrought iron and aluminum do not block the view like a wooden privacy fence will.

Choosing the Right Fence Design

Once you have decided between wrought iron and aluminum fencing, you need to select a style to complement your home and property. If you have a modern home, you will want to use a fence that has a modern style. Fencing with a more historical appearance is great for buildings or houses with a colonial design.

A high-quality fence is one of the most valuable modifications you can make to your home. Remodeler Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report says that a new fence will increase the curb appeal and value of your new home immediately.

Good fences make good neighbors is an old saying because it is true. Weigh your needs against your budget when you choose to have a wrought iron or aluminum fence installed at your new home.