Fence Planning

, Good Houston Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Houston Fences Make Good Neighbors

The poem “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost narrates the perspectives of two neighbors who share a wall between their properties. The poet questions why the wall is needed. However, the neighbor regards it as...

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, Do’s and Don’ts of Fence-Friendly Vines

Do’s and Don’ts of Fence-Friendly Vines

A vine-covered fence gives a romantic, English-cottage look to a landscape. However, those attractive climbing vines may harm your fence. If you like the look a living fence, there are plants to avoid and...

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Fencing Options for Apartment Complexes

Apartments present numerous design challenges. On one hand, apartments are private residences for individuals or families, but on the other, apartment complexes are relatively public in nature. Choosing the right type of apartment fence...

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Considerations for Choosing the Right Houston Fence

Choosing the right fence for your property can ensure that you enjoy years of practical functionality from your fence installation. Working with an established Houston fence company can often allow you to access the...

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Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Have a Houston Fence Installed

As your outdoor maintenance winds down for the winter, you may be considering a new fence installation to enclose your property and to provide a frame for your landscaping efforts. Winter may be the...

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Why You Need to Hire a Utility Locator Before Having a Houston Fence Built

When you bought your Houston area house or business property, did it have a fence? Now, you have to decide if you need a Houston fence because you just had children or got a...

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Wood Fencing Vs. Vinyl Fencing: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Choosing the right fencing solutions for your home can make a big difference in its overall appearance and in the security of your family. Choosing an established Houston fence company can provide you with...

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Winter Is An Excellent Time To Get A New Houston Fence

When temperatures are at their lowest, most homeowners turn their attention to indoor remodeling projects. However, winter is a great time to have a new fence installed. An experienced Houston fence company has the...

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