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, Houston Fence Company Insights: Should You Stain, Seal or Paint Your Fence?

Houston Fence Company Insights: Should You Stain, Seal or Paint Your Fence?

Deciding whether to stain, seal or paint your fence can determine not just its appearance, but its longevity. Your Houston fence company is a great source of information on the right care and treatment...

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, Rotten Reasons Your Houston Wood Fence Needs Replacing

Rotten Reasons Your Houston Wood Fence Needs Replacing

The weather of the upper Gulf Coast is hard on Houston fences. Rain, wind, standing water, hot sun and ultraviolet light affect wood and other fencing materials. The best way to ensure your Houston...

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, Do’s and Don’ts of Fence-Friendly Vines

Do’s and Don’ts of Fence-Friendly Vines

A vine-covered fence gives a romantic, English-cottage look to a landscape. However, those attractive climbing vines may harm your fence. If you like the look a living fence, there are plants to avoid and...

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Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Houston Fence

Maintaining your fence helps you to enjoy the highest degree of security and the greatest longevity for these additions to your home. Your Houston fence company provides you with effective methods for cleaning and...

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The Elegant Simplicity of Wood Board Fencing

The humble white picket fence holds a special place in American history, but just as important is the wood board fence. Whether you imagine a cattle farm or a cozy cabin in the woods,...

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Different Options to Dress Up Your Houston Wood Fence

Most homeowners install fences for privacy and security, but that does not mean your Houston wood fence cannot look amazing while providing those benefits! Here are the top five ways to dress up your...

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Why Your Houston Wood Fence Should Have Post Caps

Fences offer privacy and security, but they offer neither if they start to rot. Wood fences are especially vulnerable to the elements on top due to the exposed crosscut grain, which is less likely...

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A Board-On-Board Houston Wood Fence is a Great Choice for Privacy

If you are in the market for a Houston wood fence, board-on-board fencing may be the right choice for your needs. This type of wood fence offers almost complete privacy for your commercial or...

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Why a Horizontal Houston Wood Fence is an Excellent Choice for Property Owners

You can choose from a number of attractive options when planning the installation of a new Houston wood fence. Horizontal fences can add a touch of distinction to your home or business while providing...

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Protecting Your Houston Wood Fence From Termite Infestation

 Termites can pose real risks to your home, outbuildings and other structures on your property. Even your Houston wood fence is in danger of attack by these damaging insects. Making sure your fence is...

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