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Chain Link Fencing - Chain Link Gate & Access Control

Security: Chain Link Fencing Options for Houston Businesses

Chain link fencing is one of the most reliable and popular choices for commercial establishments throughout the Houston area. Designed to provide optimal security while allowing clear visual monitoring of outdoor inventory and activities, these security fences deliver cost-effective performance for the commercial environment and can be combined with other forms of fencing and barbed-wire deterrents to create reliable protection for products, premises, and people in the workplace environment. In some cases, chain link fencing can even earn your company a discount on its insurance premiums. Summit Fence North has been in business since 1997 with years of experience in commercial chain link fencing installations and delivers the most effective security fence options for your Houston business.

Divide and Conquer

Because chain link fencing can be configured in a wide range of applications, it offers exceptional versatility in the commercial environment. Businesses can divide their inventory yards and supply areas into various access-controlled areas to provide tiered levels of access for their staff members. The relatively low cost of chain link fencing solutions makes this a viable way to create outdoor rooms for added security and improved inventory management in the workplace. Summit Fence North can help you plan your commercial fencing project and create access controls and security options that complement your current loss prevention strategies.

Access Gates and Customer Service

Our selection of driveway gates and remote control access systems allows your company to design a security layout ideal for your specific situation. Whether you require a single entry point or multiple security checkpoints for your business, we can help you design a cost-effective commercial installation that integrates chain link fencing, metal gates, and secure entrances and exits for your company premises. Driveway gates are equipped with remote gate openers to allow entry to authorized personnel. Your security company can also integrate these gates with your security system to provide added safety for your valuable property and your employees.

Added Visibility for Security Systems

Chain link gate and fence installations offer significant benefits in the commercial environment, especially for facilities equipped with video security systems. The clear visibility possible with chain link fencing allows security cameras to monitor a larger area and prevents intruders from using the fences as visual cover for their activities. Chain link fences can also be reinforced with barbed wire at the top to prevent unwanted guests during the day or night.

Summit Fence North provides personalized solutions for business fencing and improved security. Our extensive experience allows us to help you design and implement the ideal chain link solution for all your security needs.

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