Driveway Gates – Metal & Wood – Chain Link

Top Quality Gates from Summit Fence North

Driveway Gates

Gates are vital elements in any fencing project. At Summit Fence North, we sell and install a comprehensive range of top quality gates and access control systems to complement our array of fencing solutions. A family-owned and operated business, we have been in operation since 1997 and have a solid reputation for quality workmanship and superior materials in the Houston area. We offer a wide range of gate choices that include the following:

  • Ornamental iron gates that look like real wrought iron
  • Chain link gates for a durable and utilitarian solution to entry and exit
  • Wood gates with metal frames that stand the test of time
  • Aluminum and metal gates that suit the needed access to almost any enclosure
  • Driveway gates for protecting the property perimeter

Summit Fence North offers the best gates for your fencing project at prices to suit almost any budget.

Gates in All Shapes and Sizes

Ornamental iron fences and gates are designed to look like wrought iron gate and fence materials, making them an excellent choice for areas where appearance is vitally important. These metal gates are especially well suited for smaller entry points into the back yard or storage areas. Chain link gates are often used for driveways and access points to commercial facilities and retail stores storage areas. Lightweight and durable, these chain link gate solutions can provide added security for homes and businesses alike. At Summit Fence North, we use metal frames on all our wood gates to provide added support and longevity for these moving parts.

Access Where It Is Needed Most

Our gates and fencing solutions can be integrated into your home or business security system with access systems that offer greater convenience and control. Remote gate openers can offer an added layer of security protection for your home and property. Driveway gates are useful for homes and businesses that require access control for customers, employees, and vendors. By integrating these advanced technological solutions into your existing security layout, you can provide an even higher degree of protection for items of value and personal property. This can also ensure added safety for employees and family members on your premises.

At Summit Fence North, we offer comprehensive fencing solutions for the Houston metropolitan area. Our gates and fences are designed with care to stand up to wind, weather, and daily use without warping or deteriorating. To that end, we use only the finest materials and the most effective construction techniques to ensure that your fencing project delivers the results you need and the quality you expect from the fence installation professionals at Summit Fence North.