Ornamental Iron Fence – Metal Gate

Ornamental Iron Fence - Metal Gate

Ornamental Metal Fencing Solutions for Houston Residents

Ornamental iron enclosures offer elegance and functionality to almost any outdoor area. These metal fencing options offer superior visibility and access control for home use and provide the look and feel of a real wrought iron fence, making them a popular choice for areas that require a combination of advanced security and attractive appearance. At Summit Fence North, we offer unique metal fencing solutions that create a refined and sophisticated look for your home. We use the finest materials and most durable coatings to ensure the longevity of your fencing installation. Best of all, these ornamental iron fences are designed to stand up to the weather and humidity of Southeast Texas and retain their good looks for many years to come.

The Look and Longevity of Wrought Iron for Less

Our ornamental iron fences are designed to the highest standards and are available in a wide range of customizable configurations and styles to suit your needs and your budget. Because we use galvanized steel treated with advanced powder coatings, we can deliver the authentic look of a wrought iron fence with the durability and strength of steel. This added strength and beauty makes the ornamental iron fencing solutions from Summit Fence North an ideal option for homeowners on a budget and ensures that these fences look great and improve security for many years of useful service.

Creating an Integrated Fence and Access Control Solution

Our metal fencing installations are the ideal foundation for integrated access control systems for your home or business. We can build a fencing enclosure that incorporates a wrought iron gate or driveway gate system to allow controlled entry to your property. By combining technologically advanced remote control or visitor alert systems with beautiful ornamental iron fence solutions, you can maintain improved security for your home while ensuring that it looks its best for your neighbors and guests. Driveway gates are especially useful for homes that sit back from the street, as they can provide advance warning of guests to your property. Remote access control systems are also useful for homeowners interested in added security for their family members and property.

The exclusive line of ornamental iron fencing and gate solutions available from Summit Fence North can provide a distinctive and attractive look for almost any residence. We are a family-owned business and have been creating custom fencing solutions since 1997, making us one of the most respected and reputable fencing companies in the Houston area. We take pride in providing the best ornamental fence and gate installation services and in using the highest quality materials to create beautiful and durable solutions for our customers.