Pool Fence – Security Fence Installation

Pool Fence - Security Fence Installation

Protection for Pools and Pets from Summit Fence North

Summit Fence North offers an extensive range of specialty fencing services to help Houston homeowners maintain the security of their family members, pets, and pool areas. We deliver secure pool fencing to meet safety requirements and to keep this area clear of unwanted intrusions. Our kennels, dog runs, and other animal enclosures offer protection for your pets and livestock and allow you to restrict them to a specific area of your property for their safety and your convenience.

Metal Fencing for Pools

Ornamental iron, aluminum, and chain-link fencing can provide added security for your pool area while enhancing the appearance of your back yard environment. The City of Houston and many of the surrounding municipalities have strict requirements regarding the enclosure of private swimming pools. These rules are intended to ensure the safety and well-being of younger children who might otherwise wander into the pool area and be injured when it is not attended by its owners. Houston requires that the fences enclosing

Pools should be at least four feet high and should have gaps of no more than four inches at any point along the perimeter. Summit Fence North has many years of experience in creating pool fencing enclosures that meet city codes and provide security for your home. Our wrought iron fence options are constructed of ornamental iron and are a stylish and elegant addition to any pool area.

Pool Fence - Security Fence InstallationChain Link Fencing for Pet Enclosures and Kennels

Outdoor kennels and dog runs are an excellent way to keep pets happy and well-exercised while preserving landscaping features and garden areas. Our chain-link kennels and pet security solutions can allow your beloved four-legged friends to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine while offering a safe and secure place for them to play. We specialize in customized configurations that let you make the most of your available yard space and that give you real control over your pet’s outdoor adventures. Summit Fence North can install chain link fence in a variety of heights to keep in even the most determined canine escape artists, allowing you valuable peace of mind when letting your beloved pet play outdoors.

At Summit Fence North, we are a family-owned business with a real understanding of the needs and priorities of Houston families. We can create the right fencing solutions to secure your pool area, protect your pets, and keep unwanted intruders away from your property. Our commitment to customer service ensures that you get the right fence at the right price to provide effective protection for your family, your pets and your property.