Wood Fence Houston – Privacy Fence – Fence Install

Wood Fence Houston - Privacy Fence - Fence Install

Protect Personal Space with Wood Privacy Fences from Summit Fence North 

Summit Fence North offers customers a wide range of wood privacy fence options to protect areas from public view. We sell and install only top-quality wood fences for both commercial and residential properties. Since 1997 our family-owned fencing firm can provide the professional installation and design your project needs to ensure its success.

Top Quality Materials Make the Difference

At Summit Fence North, we use top quality tread wood and cedar pickets for our privacy fences. We can also use pine wood if it is specifically requested. Cedar, by contrast, offers exceptional longevity and is an ideal solution for the extremes of hot and cold weather found in the Houston area. As a family-owned and operated business, we put our focus on quality in every aspect of our fencing operations and use only the highest quality wood, nails, fasteners, and gate assembly materials to construct privacy fences for home and business use. Summit Fence North uses metal frames for all our wood gates to provide added support and stability for these moving parts of the privacy fencing installation.

A Variety of Design Choices

Privacy fences can be configured in a wide range of designs to suit most commercial and residential needs. Various heights may be suitable depending on the location of the fence and city and neighborhood regulations governing these privacy enclosures. Swimming pools typically require a four foot fence while standard back yard privacy fences are six feet tall. Homeowners and business owners can choose from a wide array of structural designs that incorporate visual appeal while offering added protection against intruders.

Treated and Cedar Wood

We use only top-notch materials that include treated posts, treated framework, and cedar pickets. Our fences are more than just functional and attractive; they are durable as well and can stand up to many years of Houston weather. We can use pine pickets for your wood fence; however, our experience is that pine is much more likely to crack, warp, or shrink than cedar and treated wood products. By opting for these more reliable materials, you can enjoy the benefits of beauty and longevity for your privacy fence installation.

Privacy fences offer added security and peace of mind for home and business owners. At Summit Fence North, our Houston fence company delivers the most comprehensive range of privacy fencing choices to ensure your complete satisfaction. We go the extra mile for you, your family, and your business operations.

Corral Board FencingCorral Board Fencing

At Summit Fence North, we offer a range of corral board fencing solutions that can keep animals in while allowing easy visibility for outside areas. The traditional Western style of these fences fits nicely into Houston’s general architectural look and feel and is especially attractive for larger acreages in the areas surrounding the city. Corral board fences provide reliable enclosures for livestock and horses while enhancing the appearance of your property.