Standards and Requirements for a Residential Fence in The Woodlands

Residential Fence in The WoodlandsIn The Woodlands, fences must feature a furnished section that is facing outward, and most barriers are required to have a height of at least six feet. According regulations in The Woodlands, fencing can only be made of materials that will remain straight and rigid for a long period of time. Homeowners may use stone, wood, metal or bricks to build a residential fence.

Types of Boundaries

If a property’s perimeter is surrounded by a fence with a height of six feet, the owner does not need to fill out an application in order to construct a second fence that has a height of four feet in most cases. In contrast, the homeowner must request a permit if the fence in The Woodlands TX will obstruct a barrier that is positioned around a pool, will be used to confine an animal or will be visible from a public street.


While building a fence that is located near the borders of a tract of land, the contractor must ensure that at least 75 percent of the fence’s surface area is transparent. Homeowners may only install solid fences within five feet of the front section of a house.

Emergency Access

When a fence or a gate is blocking the property’s driveway, a contractor generally has to install a box near the gate, and the owner can place a key in the container. If a resident wants to use an alternative system, the individual has to receive permission from the fire department.

The Location of the Fence

If a tract of land is situated next to a public road, a contractor cannot position a fence within five feet of the property’s border. Furthermore, there must be a distance of 10 feet between the private driveway of another property.

Fences With a Height of Seven Feet

If a property is positioned on the corner of a group of lots, one section of the perimeter’s fence may have a height of seven feet, but the length of this part must not exceed eight feet. Summit Fence North can also install gates with a height of more than seven feet; however, the Plan Review Committee must approve the design of a tall gate.

Decorative Posts

A homeowner cannot position this type of column within 10 feet of the corner of the property. Furthermore, a contractor may not place decorative posts within five feet of the boundary of the lot.

Getting Started

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